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  1. Hi all, anyone from the forum going to the 'ring in October? There's a track day on the 14th and a few TF's before that.
  2. My latest toy... DC5

    Those things are proper quick - enjoy!
  3. Horrific F1 accident!

    Reminds me when we used to prank colleagues by switching two letters of the keyboard around. Would drive people mental, calling helpdesk, etc.
  4. Fell asleep after 30 minutes and couldn't believe it was still on an hour later. Meh.
  5. Very nice, looks like a comfortable cruiser.
  6. Cctv

    Unfortunately it seems like it is. Starting to become a problem... thanks for the Y-cam recommendation.
  7. Hyundai iX35

    I am LOVING this car, amazing. Btw, try reading iX35 upside-down. Koreans? Mad!
  8. Cctv

    Can someone recommend a basic cctv kit for installing outside our apartment door? One camera (smallish) that could connect to a laptop or another monitor via wifi or bluetooth? I'm not so up to speed on this so forgive me if this is not possible. Does not need to be waterproof or infrared as it would be mounted inside. This follows a couple of 3am knocks on our door and we're suspecting a troublesome neighbour. Thanks
  9. Porsche 911 GT3 RS Rallyaction

    Bloody Nora! They look fast even by todays standards
  10. Porsche 911 GT3 RS Rallyaction

    Something not right about 911's in rallying. They sound alright but don't appear especially fast.
  11. friendly doggy video

    OMG - I must be tired but just laughed myself silly at those videos.
  12. Six Months with the E92 M3

    Disagree - had my Quattroporte GTS at the grand old age of 33. Great for pulling!
  13. Another neighbour problem

    Have told the letting agency again and they've sent a letter to the people below us. Let's hope it gets better before long.
  14. Thanks Gizze - love my new Merc!

    Any chance of some more pics? Looks good.
  15. Celebrity in the Jungle on ITV

    Must admit laughing myself silly at the eating contest last night. Freddie Starr, what a legend!