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  1. New pants please

    There is a car in front of the tow car that all but stops - see how the caravan dips when the driver of that one slams on! The golf did well to avoid!
  2. Countach kit

    The lookup of the reg doesn't tell the whole story. It's a V12 Zagato - not just a vantage. Rare - 150 built. Here is a similar on that sold for 655000. They were £330k new
  3. RS3 - Saloon!

    If it's Sheffield they are a Coast2Coast agent and you should be able to get £6k off a competition (base spec) at the moment.
  4. expensive numberplates

    No pic but ANN 1 this morning on a 1 series convertible in Ilkley
  5. Ebay oddity / fraud

    It was a D4 A8 for the s8 wasn’t it
  6. F31 Roof Bars (3 Series Touring)

    Hi Mac, Which ones are they - the BM ones? If so how much are you after for them? Can probably arrange collection from one of 2 mates I have in London but would need to check! Cheers
  7. Photo sync iOS and android

    ohhh, so even if you are using the free 15Gb or whatever they are compressed?
  8. Photo sync iOS and android

    I think google photos will - my android device is on my desk at work so can check tomorrow!
  9. Photo sync iOS and android

    Thanks ive tried Dropbox and it sync from the devices to Dropbox but not so that on the iPad in photos I see the photos from the android phone you have to go into the app for that - or am I missing something?
  10. Photo sync iOS and android

    Thanks will look into it!!
  11. Photo sync iOS and android

    What’s the best way to keep the photos from a Samsung and an iPad synced with each other and up to date? I mean so that a picture that is taken on he Samsung phone then appears in photos of the iPad.. i guess one of the storage providers can handle that?
  12. Injection prices

    Depends. you can get most suitable for a holiday from gp but if go for longer (I moved to Delhi for 6 months a couple years ago) the gp doesn’t provide all that are recommended Those ones cost around £250 iirc
  13. F30 issues

    No issues with tracking on my F31. Although i am on my third steering rack.
  14. S8 V10 findings after a few weeks of ownership
  15. The £1k mobile phone

    For my work I can choose any android or apple device - alas my desk currently has iPhone 7, 7 plus, s8 plus, s7 edge on it. A few years ago I couldn't stand apple phones till the 5S I think. Now, I never pick up anything to take home than an iPhone. Yes they aren't as customisable as an android, the X may be perceived as catching up with other android phones but they (iPhones) just work. They do what they do, and do it well. no lag like I find on android after a handful of apps open and menus are simple (especially compared to the over complicated Samsung system). Whichever iPhone you pick up you know where everything is. Definately not a fan boy - no other apple equipment (I have tried to like macs but can't get into them). As a tool the iPhone is great Regarding the price - I am pretty sure but I'd have to check, the 7+ I am writing this on was very close to £1k on launch so it's not a big difference to this.