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  1. The £1k mobile phone

    Are you mad? It's brilliant. For me it's 100 x better than Touch ID
  2. F1 2017

    Garcon obviously forgot to post this
  3. New pants please

    2 pairs of new pants! http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/av/world-us-canada-40904076/car-plunges-seven-storeys-off-us-parking-garage
  4. New pants please

    Nope, just padding and some body armour. Nutters
  5. New pants please

    How these 3 riders walked away from this I'll never know - very lucky indeed
  6. 720 Wop

    lol Sam, only you could write that, nutter
  7. New RS5

    Have you seen this one? https://premiersportsprestige.com/prestige-and-luxury-cars-for-sale/audi-rs5-limited-edition-fsi-quattro-4-2/
  8. New RS5

    A Rover 75 V8 would suit you
  9. Football results today

    Curse of Shaw strikes again
  10. Football results today

    Nice one Booster
  11. Venice....any inputs?

    I think just saying "an internet weirdo" would cover it
  12. Almost a new biker....

    WTF are you doing getting a bike Bazza, do you not remember yourself on that scooter at LM06?
  13. Did they really! I remember getting stitched up with import duty on mine but can't remember what I'd paid for it. Must be about 10 years or more ago now.
  14. Yeah $199 for one to do up to 3 VIN's and $299 for one to do up to 10 VIN's Blimey - can't remember mine costing anywhere near that much