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  1. S8 facelift (how to tell)

    Ah so the mpg isn't fantastic. How fast is the S8? What other cars would you compare it to? I've driven a W210 (1999) Mercedes E55 AMG, I've had a Volvo S80 with the 2.9 bi-turbo remapped to 320bhp, the S600 I've been driving has got 400bhp and massive torque but weighs more than the sun, I've driven a new Impreza STi too. If it's the same kind of performance as those cars I'll be happy. I'm not a fantastic 'fast' driver so I don't really try to drive fast on country roads, I'm more of a smooth but rapid motorway motorist. I do about 40k per year in my own private car mostly around either the M25 or around Europe.
  2. S8 facelift (how to tell)

    I certainly will do! I think I've just sold my Mercedes S600 to a trader so that will free up the cash to get the S8 with. I had an A8 4.2 years ago and I loved it. I was only 18 at the time and all my friends had 1.2 fiestas and I was lording it up in the A8! Loved that car, I seem to recall I spent a fair it of money on front suspension and getting the cambelt/tensioners replaced. When does the S8 40v need its cambelt doing? MPG wise what does it get? I don't think it will be any better than the S600 even though that has a 6.0 V12 as that has been doing 18mpg average and 22mpg on a run, I recently drove to Koln and from Dunkirk I set the cruise control at 140mph and it still averaged 17.8mpg which is better than a RangeRover 4.4 doing 80mph. Although my memory the A8 I used to have was good on fuel, I went to Interlaken in that from Calais on a single tank which is 560 miles which means it must of averaged about 28mpg? I'm guessing the insurance on the S8 will sadly be more than the S600 because it's an Audi 'S' car, but shouldn't be that much more.
  3. S8 facelift (how to tell)

    Brilliant. Thanks for the quick response! Should all facelift S8s come with the 40v engine?
  4. S8 facelift (how to tell)

    Hi all, I haven't visited tyresmoke for over 2 years! But I'm back because this place has good Audi knowledge. Anyway, I thinking of getting an S8 the older model think it's the D2? My question is how to I tell a pre-facelift from a facelift model? Is there a definitive way to tell just from looking at the interior or exterior?
  5. You must choose one

    I could make a mess both of them. At the same time.
  6. Homer Down under (WW)

    [ QUOTE ] i have a similar one that is quite amusing... only its an ex so not too keen on posting myself. Can always email... ;o) [/ QUOTE ] With a Homer face?
  7. Homer Down under (WW)

    Ha ha. Beveage.
  8. Dear Subway

    [ QUOTE ] Even nicer when it melts and fully covers the meatballs..yum yum yum [/ QUOTE ] Droolage
  9. Dave

    Everyone knows Dave.
  10. Top car with top plate - pics

    I can understand why he will park his car there, he clearly loves it and wants to keep in nice condition.
  11. Worlds fastest van?

    Those Sprinter vans are bloody fast 2.9 Turbo...
  12. (in)famous Audi for sale

    Very funny, nice one Rich!
  13. Fun car for £3k

    [ QUOTE ] Octavia vRS, especially if you find a chipped one. [/ QUOTE ] Second that... If when you say "fun" you mean fast then the Octavia is a good idea, but if you want a proper fun car then buy an old Capri 2.8 Special, or Triumph TR7 (with V8 conversion known as TR8), or maybe Mitsubushi 3000GT, or even a 944 Turbo. That's my opinion, I would personally go for the Capri as the prices are really starting to shoot up now as many of them have been crashed or rotted away.
  14. Scumball 2007 is GO!

    How did you manage to kill it? Haven't you heard the phrase "old Fords never die, they just get faster"? If the engine is shagged just drop a 24v Cosworth engine from a Scorpio in it, that'll be fun. Until your diff dies.
  15. Insurance Questions

    [ QUOTE ] Tried Zurich, no use, minimum value for fisrt car is 50K and minimum rebuild costs for first house is 500k. Acually I would be unhappy in dealing with them if the way they they spoke to me on the phone is indicative of their attitude to their customers. Re NU, i only have 4 cars so I wont qualify for a fleet with a minimum of 5 ;-( [/ QUOTE ] Buy a £50 fiesta....