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  1. BMW M2

    He was right ...... that he could be wrong
  2. New pants please

    If you don't want to see the seemingly obvious outcome then don't watch beyond 50secs
  3. Old member saying Hi!

    Hi - Ping me your details and I can forward to Ben.
  4. New pants please

    I think a few pairs of pants required in this one
  5. New pants please

    He was fine. Not a stunter, just a kid with not a lot of money. He bought a disk but didn't have it fitted so rode off like that!
  6. New pants please

    The guy who rode in to a bike place whilst I was there today did not fill his pants. He didn't give a crap and didn't appreciate he could have ended up under a lorry etc Everyone else there though did! How the feck do you wear out a brake disk on a little moped?!?!
  7. Extra Training

    That's an out of date video. They no longer recommend "off-siding" to increase vision.
  8. RIP: Fifth Gear TV Show

    Didn't like this week's episode. Caravans and motorhomes?!?!
  9. I've bought something orange!

    Duplicate removed
  10. I've bought something orange!

    A tiny taster of the pics I took and some countryside. I took quite a lot but it's impossible to capture it properly and not enough time to capture all you want!
  11. I've bought something orange!

    Just got back today from a 2000 mile round trip around the North Coast 500. The bike was ideal. It was great having adjustable suspension for the massive variations in the roads and having the torque to help on the twisty hairpins and belting out of bends. Being a wuss I ordered the hill hold assist option which more than came into its own It didn't miss a beat whether it was mile munching or hooning. Had a whale of a time :D
  12. Guy Martin & Coulthard F1 Special

    The tough year for road racers continues
  13. RIP William Dunlop

    Very sad for all especially his pregnant wife What must Michael be thinking?
  14. RS3 - Saloon!

    LOL - it's always dangerous to test drive more expensive more exciting cars!