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  1. Hi, Noticed whilst washing, that the top part of the ‘aero’ trim on my front bumper has changed colour ever so slightly from gloss black to an almost purple colour, so much so that you can see (what I think are) the mouldings from the factory? (The rings) Is this a warranty issue - the car is just over 1 year old. Cheers. (Had posted in Merc forum but think it’s been a while since anyone visited)
  2. C63S Front bumper trim

    Hi, Recently noticed that the top part of the front trim is changing colour and can also see the mouldings through the plastic - is this a warranty issue?? It’s the same in both sides. Thanks.
  3. Call of Duty 5 MP Beta

    Apparently it is Treyarch's last go at the COD series as the rights now firmly belong to Infinity hopefully COD6 will be the one!!
  4. Call of Duty 5

    Release date brought forward from the 28th to the 14th of November.
  5. Aux port on Pro CD radio unit ??

    Yeah, you sure can, just buy a normal aux cable plug in and away ou go. Make sure you turn the volume up to max on your ipod, you can then further inhance the sound via the volume control on the wheel/unit. Only problem with it is that because it is a standard AUX cable you can't control the ipod with either steering controls or via unit controls you have to do it via the ipod itself which can be a bit of a pain, plus it doesn't charge! Regards Simon
  6. BMW Performance parts

    Brake kit above fitted to 135i with the 18 inch alloys Steering wheel, short shift box, carbon bits and pieces, pedals Carbon diffuser and performance exhaust fitted to 130i
  7. Call of Duty 5

    I'd heard November this year. I just hope Treyarch (makers of COD2 and 3) do as good a job as infinity ward did with number 4...granted they are using the same engine as number 4 so number 5 should be cracking!
  8. Holy smoke - look at this thing!

    Every chav racers dream!
  9. I don't like appear "hazy" or "grainy", not as good as COD4.
  10. P-Torque OBD Tuning for 135i Petrol Models!!!

    Any news on the 123d (204hp) yet?? If so what performance figs will it produce?? Cheers
  11. Race Driver : GRID ?

    Yeah...that is a bit of a pain...especially on the Le Man circuit...the last few S bends I just cannot hold the speed the AI can!....either that or I'm s***...prob the latter!
  12. Race Driver : GRID ?

    played it for about 4 hours solid last night, really enjoying it, I like the fact that the ai cars do crash as me a fighting chance at least!!
  13. Race Driver : GRID ?

    with at the moment...I chop and change between this and forza and i'm more used to forza, GRID is very different in the handling department so until i'm a bit more used to it i'll leave them on.
  14. Iron Maiden

    He taught me during 737 ground school! Top bloke!
  15. Race Driver : GRID ?

    I have it on Xbox 360, got it last thursday, a quick summary would be somewhere in the middle of PGR and Forza, really like the Le Man stuff....and the in car driver view is really sweet! Goes very well with the Xbox 360 wheel and pedals too! The demolition derby's are great fun...some really good crash animation!