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  1. 'Personal Import' selling difference????

    I purchased from a German Showroom and was 'First Registered' in uk. cheers RichardH
  2. 'Personal Import' selling difference????

    Guys shurely someone has had some experience to share. ???????? cheers RichardH
  3. I am selling my S3. It's a minter with only 8K miles on the clock. High specs. Purchased March 03. First Register in UK etc. Audi Warranty expired but can get 'Franchise' cover including 'wear and tear'till March 06. What would be a fair difference to the forecourt price. Cheers
  4. Guess whos been busy this weekend!

    The one and only problem I have experienced when using the armrest in down position is that it is very difficult to get to the handbrake quick and easily !!! Usless you've got rubber wrists !!!!!!
  5. New A3 - Bit pricey??

    [ QUOTE ] the good thing is that S3 prices will stay pretty solid because the new one is so expensive. [/ QUOTE ] anyone got any ideas as to what an S3 March 03. with most of the popular optionals, is worth at the mo. Paint, Leather,Wheels,Sunroof,Ht Frt Seats, Bose plus.,etc cheers RichardH
  6. Major motor downsizing this week - Porka to Golf

    Colin Have you considered investing in some artworks relating to motoring, they are scarce but always sort after. Watercolours of racing cars, Posters of famous meetings etc. You would need to view them as a longer term buy, but you would get plenty of enjoyment from them in the mean time. What happened to your S3 ? I had a Golf 16 valver before the S3 and did over 200k in it, sold it clean and in standard state, not kevinised for £600. and is still going strong RichardH
  7. Who does the best chip repairs.

    Sven Thanks for the advice, have put another in General Cars. Its sooo b.. tiresome seeing that stone bouncing towards you and can't do a dam thing to avoid it !!!
  8. Just been up to Heathrow and got a stone chip from some b... lorry. Who does the best chip repairs ?? and how often do you Guys get this pesticlence of travelling, remedied? RichardH
  9. Optimax

    my lawn mower goes well on it !!!!
  10. S3 and Ageism

    Following on Olly's earlier post 'S3 vs the world' does anyone know of any S3 drivers who are over 60 years old, still loving the thrill of speed but hopefully not senile. Nicely mellowed and with experience and perhaps done some proper rallying back in the days of grid references etc like to hear from anyone!!!! old fogey
  11. Carbon Fibre Airbox for S3

    [ QUOTE ] ive been running 1 of these filters now for around 6 months and its been good and there is a deffinate difference in power over standard and with a nice sound to go with it [/ QUOTE ] can you get these in the uk ? are they easy to fit. RichardH
  12. I Love my S3!!!!!

    [ QUOTE ] With the Revo software the car is awesome! The thing just flies in every gear but i did find it a little hard to drive it tamely cos the boost comes on quite heavy and suddenly. Floyd have you got the 0 to 60 time with the revo on? its interesting that this system can be switch on or off!!!! have you any costings for the revo? have fun with the new car RichardH
  13. New A3 - Prices and Details

    [ QUOTE ] The S3 is not listed with Thatcham at all ! been there myself already, just get the dealer to give you a letter stating what they've told you. Remember Audi UK told me its only Cat 2 [/ QUOTE ] Graham this is what my Audi service dept said.- 'Richard after asking techs they advise that U K spec car have a Thatcham 1 rating .' he did go on to give a caution on imported models and uk specs blah blah !!! RichardH
  14. New A3 - Prices and Details

    [ QUOTE ] Richard, I presume you have 225bhp S3 ?. If so, I would be interested in the outcome of your enquiry. Cheers, R [/ QUOTE ] Robin the technical dept at my local Audi showrooms states that the UK spec S3's have Thatcham 1 alarm ratings. Colin M suggests checking with Thatcham. As long as your insurance co. knows that your car is a 'full UK spec.' Audi S3 they should be able to decide what classification it is. RichardH
  15. New A3 - Prices and Details

    [ QUOTE ] Richard, I presume you have 225bhp S3 ?. If so, I would be interested in the outcome of your enquiry. Robin will do. Cheers, R [/ QUOTE ]