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  1. RS3 - Saloon!

    I can well believe it, I really struggled with the M4 in that respects.
  2. RS3 - Saloon!

    I've yet to drive a proper AMG where I'd even begin to suggest the power was 'usable' I haven't driven one for long to be fair though.
  3. RS3 - Saloon!

    Yeah a mate has one - haven't gotten around to having a look at it yet. Cars just seem to be getting massive! I park right next to a pillar in my car park. M3/335x Drive fitted in there just fine. M4 was a right struggle, and as it wasn't mine I parked it elsewhere.
  4. RS3 - Saloon!

    Must admit I thought I was shouting against the tide on the M4, was a bit bonkers. I borrowed one for a weekend, and it just wasn't together. It almost felt unfinished? The other thing I found was that it over-steered a ton more than my V8 ever did. Or rather it did it at unexpected moments? I put that down to the fact I wasn't used to the power delivery, however reading now it seems a few people have had that issue. The M2 can be a bit arse happy if you're not paying attention, but it's playful rather than holy-shit-here-comes-a-field. I wonder if my expectations have changed when I've gotten older?! I mean the RS3 I tried was rapid as hell - the only thing I've tried that I think would be faster cross country was problay the TTRS - but it just felt utterly dull and inert. Back when I had the RS4 outline straight performance was where it was at. Lots of short blasts. Now, not so much. Dunno. Perhaps it's time for a porsche.
  5. RS3 - Saloon!

    Yeah it's a bit odd isn't it. I like the M2, it's the nearest thing I've driven to my V8 M3 in terms of experience, without being a right handful. I struggled with the sound and the ..... I don't even know what ... in the M4. Just didn't feel like an experience? I dunno, sure it's a better car then the M2 or the old M3 in every single way, just really didn't feel special to me. The sound was the final nah. Almost sounded like an old petrol lawnmower //ducks The S55 in the new M2 has put me off that too. Sounds worse for a lot more money, and the same performance (Well, 0.1s....)??
  6. RS3 - Saloon!

    I get it's very subjective, I just don't like the 'raspy' nature of it.
  7. RS3 - Saloon!

    That far away? Hmmm, perhaps a re-think required. I really don't like the engine in the M3/M4, it just sounds awful :/
  8. RS3 - Saloon!

    Does anyone know when the new M3/M4 may be due? Current ones just don't do it for me :/ Ta
  9. Top Spec 2017 i7 iMac

    .....aaand it's gone.
  10. I'm moving on a top-spec 2017 i7 27" iMac if anyone is interested before I throw it through work. 4.2Ghz Quad Core i7 (The configure to order option) 64Gb RAM 512Gb SSD Retails about 3.8k, yours for 1.8k including VAT if you want. Let me know ASAP as it'll be disposed of shortly. Warranty is till November 2018 however you can still buy 3 years AppleCare if you want. Thanks
  11. "Relay Crime" reality?

    As a quick side-note with those RFD pouches - make sure you check them. Some of the ones we had delivered to work were rubbish and just blatantly didn't work. Put a mobile phone in it and call it, you shouldn't be able to get through to it.
  12. "Relay Crime" reality?

    ...or you hack it a bit to allow them to drive off a bit. Perhaps. If I had it my way I'd like the car to detect it's not near anyone else and then self-destruct. When I'm King etc.
  13. RS3 - Saloon!

    Have you checked his credit file for him?
  14. BMW Finance Discounts

    Are the 3/4 reaching end of life-cycle? What's the platform cycle they use, 7 years??
  15. RS3 - Saloon!

    If they made an M in touring I'd be all over it.