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  1. 640D Winter Tyres

    Sorry if this has been done to death, but just wanted to mention the performance last winter of my 640D (2015) in the snow. I have a set of 19" wheels and Pirelli 245 run flat winter tyres which go on the car usually from Oct to March. I live quite high in the pennines so it can get a bit snowy. Last winter there were 3 occasions when we had it bad (approx 4 inches laying and some drifting). On all trips the car was absoloutely fine. The ploughs hadnt been through and there was no gritting done (as usual!). It was strange sailing past front wheel drive econo boxes and even a couple of Diso's in a rear drive big engined automatic! I guess the long and the short of it is - absoloutely any car - even a BMW! - is totally fine in all weathers if you change the tyres.
  2. Have you tried converting them? Easy enough, try this:
  3. Wharfedale LCD TVs

    Hi, we have a 17" widescreen Wharfedale with an integrated FV tuner on the wall in the kitchen. It is very good (used mostly for sky sports news mostly) considering its cost. It came from Argos about 8 months ago and I would definately recommend one for a bedroom or kitchen. One thing of note is the apparent early failure rate of the external PSU. I switch the TV off at the socket when it is not being used, dont know if this makes a difference or not.
  4. How to connect 2 items to a TV at once?

    Thanks for the comments gents. The note about connection through the Sky box struck a chord. The HDD recorder (Pioneer 420H)is connected as per the manual. The TV Scart of the Sky box is connected to the AV2 auto start rec Scart of the HDD (this allows the Planner of the Sky EPG to autodtart the recorder). Then the AV! (RGB) - TV Scart is connected to the TV to the one RGB scart. (I have since added a Scart lead from the VCR Scart of the Sky box to a second Scart on the TV (which is none RGB so not very good). When the HDD switches on say on a timer recording from its internal tuner, the picture from this takes precedence on the TV. When the HDD is off the Sky picture comes through fine in RGB. I am thinking now maybe the link from Sky to HDD should be from the VCR scart (dont know if this will work with auto start recording but it should I spose). The other point is that the manual clearly states a number of times that the HDD should not be connected "through" a Sky receiver or VCR etc. (doesnt say why not). If it wasnt for this then the RGB switching of Sky should do it??? As regards the TV, I reckon LCD, would like 46" and I reckon it will cost me about £1500 ish
  5. Can anone help me with this question? I am unable to find a new TV with 2 Scart sockets which are both RGB enabled. I want to connect: 1) Sky Digibox (set to RGB output) 2) Pioneer DVD recorder (set to RGB output) These 2 items are also connected to each other in exactly the way the manual for the DVD recorder says. Even £2K TV's do not have 2 RGB Scart sockets (millions of others), but the 2 items mentioned only have 2 scarts each. Clearly this means either my equipment is 2 old hat or I am an idiot or TV manufacturers are idiots (they cant all be!!) There must be some people with a HDD recorder and sky who dont use sky+ or HD and want to connect them both in RGB mode. Is theer any way I can do this and not replace anything except the TV? Thanks in advance.
  6. F****** Seagulls!!!

    Next time you get this, put a pad of sopping wet kitchen roll onto the sh*t, leave while you have a cup of tea, come back and it will wipe off - no matter how well baked. (Got this off an RAC advert but it works well!)
  7. Hi there, maybe this is worth a look? Blaupunkt London It is an MP3 player aswell but only costs 90 quid. Has red butons and customisable display colour including blue. Seems pretty good value??? Not sure about adaptor, this site says yes depending on the age of the car Regards Marc
  8. Si There are a great deal of amps available. The physical size may limit your options for the glove box. If you have a set of RCA pre outs that will feed an amp fine, but only one set means you loose the HU fader. This can be overcome with a four channel amp which you can set up how youlike it but not adjust from the HU. Some amps will accept speaker level input direct from the back of your HU, but this is not a recommended route. Four channel amps are quite big and will need their own connection to the battery (as with all reasonable amps) This amp is a pretty standard 4 channel and is quite big! I personnaly think you would be better changing the speakers as well if you are going to the hassle of adding an amplifier of this type. Perhaps the best thing is to put your changer in the glove box so you can have the stealth sub and a 4 channel amp. Use 2 channels to drive upgraded components in the doors, bridge the other 2 channels for the sub and dont bother with the rear speakers as they are irrelevant to you and your passenger. A lot of suppiers provide custome fit component upgrades for most cars. Main hassle would then be locating the amp. I have most often seen them under a false floor in the boot, or perhaps behind one of the seats if you dont have too many people in the back?? Hope this helps
  9. Yes thats what I mean. Reason is not having to find a place for a separate amp and the pioneer MOSFET's have relatively low current draw (because rear output is bridged) so can run off your ISO connector with no mods or additions to wiring. Note if you use a high output Alpine HU, then a connection direct to the Battery will be needed (same as a separate amp) so extra hassle of getting a very fat cable through the firewall. Plus do you need hundreds of Watts??
  10. Hi there, any upgrade of speakers and amp would be very beneficial. Check here for a custom designed sub box for the side of your boot Stealth Box Just enter your make / model. If you get a sub box, a Pioneer Head unit with MOSFET can drive the sub direct (despite what people at Halfords might say!! Not that you would buy it from them)whilst still running your components in the doors. The rear outputs are bridged to provide 50wRMS to the sub at four ohm. I has this setup in an SL I used to have and it was very good. Plus if you get a Pioneer you can add other bits later (IPOD controller etc) Marc
  11. Have finally got the facility for MP3 in my A4 again after changing the car. It is the Sony changer and interfaces with the std. fit Symphony2. One interesting point is that the integrated changer still functions, so I now have 12 discs, with 6 able to process MP3. As with my previous A4 (Symphony1) the track list is limited to 99, but I am well pleased. The unit slots nicely into the glove box but the rear of the'box had to be modified slightly. It is a good way to go if wanting to avoid IPOD route. A picture is attached if anyone is interested.
  12. Interior ambient lighting

    Gents Have read a lot about the excellent retrofit of the LED ambient lighting kit, and noticed the issues with the finish after drilling particularly on a black trim panel. Perhaps it would be worth thinking about an aftermarket surface mount LED with a bezel (black or chrome). I guess this could be used on other interior areas (rear courtesy or under dash or armrests??). An example of this type of unit would be at RS Components Then put LED in the search, followed by RED then 12V. There are a lot of different sizes and styles and can run direct off 12V once you have the polarity correct.
  13. Good evening I have a Sony CDX-T70MX Cd Changer connected to my Symphony head unit which works very well. However I am limited to 99 tracks per disc as the display has only 2 digits. (it will play past 99 but pressing track skip sends it back to 1) Is this just a fact of life or is there a way around this? Does anybody with large storage devices running through oem HU's know different? Your comments would be much welcome Thanks Marc