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  1. A car thread on TSN!!!

    A near 600 Mike round trip. The cars got a quick wash down on the weekend. Today some cleaning/detailing products arrived so they will get some live soon a proper pics taken. I'm planning on DIY ceramic coating mine with Car Pro CQ UK 3.0. You tube makes it look easy.... Pop's isn't quite so trusting for me to ceramic coat his car.
  2. A car thread on TSN!!!

  3. A car thread on TSN!!!

    Edit. It is of course an x4 M40i not m440i. Too many 4s in this cars name!
  4. Ignore

  5. A car thread on TSN!!!

    I'm sure nobody will object that this is in general and not the BMW forum, those days of that mattering are long past. As a hot hatch lover i have been without one for the last 5 years having had a sensible family bus. The kids ars just about out of booster seats so the time has come to consider something a bit 'hotter'. Practicality is still very much required though so after considering every car segment i was back at square one, the multi talented hot hatch. Having had too many performance VWs to mention i wanted a change. The A class didn't tickle my fancy nor did the many others. I settled on the new 1 series in the shape of the M135i. Not a looker by any means but seriously competent and loaded with tech from cars higher up in the BMW range. I managed to get a corker of a deal at 17% off a factory order in September. Unfortunately the paperwork sat in my inbox as i couldn't bring myself to sign the order form. Having travelled to numerous dealers for test drives i found myself out in an X4 that was sat in one dealers car park. It was the M440i. With engines shrinking all around us and alternative powerplants baked in for my next car <5 years time, i couldn't resist turning down a 4 pot in favour of a bigger 6 cylinder lump. I started negotiating on 3 cars. At one point i actual paid deposits on 2. Sat at my parents house my dad was witnessing the whole thing. Deal done on a red car (i like the look) my pops suddenly pipes up and decides he wants one. Cars left on the table are grey and blue. He doesn't like the blue and i don't like the grey. In the end i managed two identical deals on the blue and red. Both identical spec (apart from colour). He's taking the red and I'm left with the blue. Both pre reged by bmw with 3 and 5 miles on the clock. 34% under list price. Collecting both on Wednesday, driving a hire carr from Bournemouth to Blackpool for his then on to Manchester for mine. X4 M440i, well it is still a hot hatch, kind of...
  6. Newbie

    5 posts in 9 years is probably our going rate these days. Lovely cars. How’s the fuel economy for the GTR? I guess you’re probably doing 3 weeks to the gallon at the moment..,
  7. Boxing hopeful - Tyson Fury

    Well done Tyson. Must admit I didn’t see the finish happening that way. In order I had Tyson on points Wilder by Ko Wilder by points Tyson by ko. I fancied Fury for the win but honestly didn’t think he had the power or was prepared to get close enough to use it and risk being taken out himself. Just cant wait for that all UK showdown between two of the best heavyweights on the planet Fury v Haye oh wait......
  8. S8 V10 findings after a few weeks of ownership

    It's probably the air pocket created by the empty wallet in your back pocket that's making for a smoother ride..
  9. RIP: Fifth Gear TV Show

    Pretty good so far with a lot of 'normal ' cars on show which I like. Top Gear turned into a 14 year old boys fantasy with little hope of us mere mortals buying anything they were showing. I wish they would do away with the 'race' at the end of comparing cars. The fast laps one car at a time were a much better feature in the past.
  10. RS3 - Saloon!

    The 8 series is a good looking car but it's going to be big bucks for a decent spec one. Mac, they might not be the size of car you are looking to change to but having mentioned the RS3 and M2, how about the CLA AMG? I haven't driven it but it supposedly dissects the RS3 and M2 in terms of ability and fun. In a similar situation I'm leaning towards the Merc C class coupe 43 AMG. Sure it's a peg down from the the full fat AMG, M, RS but as a package it ticks a lot of boxes.
  11. RS3 - Saloon!

    Looks like some point in 2020.
  12. "Relay Crime" reality?

    Feel for you :-( Apart from the damage it's the knowledge that a piece of scum has been having fun in your pride of joy. Touch wood it never happens but if my car was stolen I would pray for a write off so didn't get it back. I wonder what the future insurance premium impact is between stolen and returned vs write off, a fair chunk I guess.
  13. Roof Bars Conundrum

    Not quite what you asked but could hiring a closed trailer be an option?
  14. GLC 63S

    Very nice. Did they through in a free hat? White looks lovely but I'm guessing it's also ultra practical in the hot sun.
  15. Boxing thread

    Please please please can this be the end for David Haye. I will bore you all by repeating what I always say. A great cruiser but a bang average heavy. Haye is a master con man, worming his way back into big money fights time after time. It's staggering that people honestly believed he was AJ's closest competitor.