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  1. Post a pic of your car

    Don’t think I have shared this one yet. Can’t comment on it really as I have only done 100 miles in it since I bought it a couple of months ago but silverstone shakedown this Thursday
  2. Help- huge favour needed

    I find it really quiet, I’m guessing everyone has migrated to another form of social media or just grown up!
  3. Help- huge favour needed

    You legend!
  4. Help- huge favour needed

    Hi all. Between 2003 and 2006 I must have put dozens of pics of my old beloved R32 , Reg HX03VYB and yet I don’t have a single one today which is incredibly sad. I had put pics in the original forum gallery, I am not sure if that still exists? If if anyone could find me a picture I would be incredibly grateful
  5. 720 Wop

    It's actually A year since I put a deposit down for the car and bought the P1. Yes very excited
  6. 720 Wop

    Well my dealer is still saying I get the grey car at the start of next month but I can tell by the hesitation in his voice he does not quite believe what the computer is telling him. Meanwhile a press car is out there with virtually my spec, just wrong wheels and I have a glass roof. Getting very excited now
  7. My RS Update

    Just somewhere I drove passed in a place called Great Yarmouth
  8. My RS Update

    Did over 300 miles her on Friday just a fantastic car in every way. Even found a decent spot to take a pic....for a change!
  9. 720 Wop

    I don't think there is a chance I won't like it to be honest but I haven't got my confirmed build slot for second car and only a refundable deposit so theoretically yes although it really wouldn't go down well for my reputation at Mclaren! I will like it I'm sure. 570 was a hoot, 675 owners would die for their car and the P1 is a seething manic beast of a car. From what I hear this will be nothing short of fantastic, the press should get their cars just before I get mine I think. Touch wood, fingers and toes crossed....
  10. 720 Wop

    If my sources are correct the first car should not be too far away! Just not with black wheels
  11. 720 Wop

    I am not doing the headrests by the way, not with woppum lol
  12. 720 Wop

  13. 720 Wop

    I had a logo made up for a bit of fun to go on my trackday helmet and MSO added it to the cads. Not 100% but fun to try
  14. 720 Wop

    Just fiddling with a little humerous personalisation
  15. 720 Wop

    where do you buy beer! thanks.. after a few years of relationship building with the manufacturers and dealers plus growing the IG account (by chance) hopefully the opportunity to get some nice metal and carbon directly will come.