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  1. Audi starting to drop Torsen?

    Not read the whole article.. but i much prefer Torsen to Haldex.. I don't like the way the electronic version comes in.. Be interesting to see how this new version is ... but I suppose its the same as they have been racing at Le Mans for a few years
  2. Jesus!!.. feck me!!

    No, you won't believe what it is?? Disc two of the Pete Tong compilation!!.. No, seriously!! As I said to the wife in the car.. It's all gone Pete Tong
  3. Jesus!!.. feck me!!

    Lol, tell you what Rachel.. are you using that Ammo NYC stuff??.. it is the best car care stuff I have used.. full stop Each bottle does exactly what it should, cleans and protects.. and the hydrate drying stuff is amazing.. won't use anything else.
  4. Jesus!!.. feck me!!

    I'll tell you what Rachel.. this has to be worth some anal [/joke]
  5. Jesus!!.. feck me!!

    I think it'd be cheaper to buy a new wife!
  6. Jesus!!.. feck me!!

    Yes mate.. missed the Cd slot by about 5 cm!!.. honestly..
  7. Jesus!!.. feck me!!

    So, I've been enjoying the S6, it is one seriously quick estate car.. and being a bit OCD, I've been cleaning it etc (Using Ammo products which are amazing.. another post) Anyway, was bombing down the A39 in Cornwall and the wife wants to change the CD over, and guess what?? She only inserts it into the dash!!! .. no, not just a little bit.. the whole ****ing thing!! So, it's off to the dealer to get them to get the CD out from behind the dash... Joy of joy!!
  8. In the press today that Audi are looking to increase prices by around 5% on the whole range due to increasing costs. Might make it more difficult to haggle. Saying that my dealer was flexible when I bought the S6
  9. You might laugh mate, but we get a frost at least twice a year!
  10. Ok, that's good to hear.. Auto Express didn't like them.. http://www.autoexpress.co.uk/accessories-tyres/66645/winter-tyres-test-reviews-and-prices-2013 But then, i don't expect they paid for the advert!!
  11. Yes, that star spoke alloy that Paul listed in the pdf is a little different.. if you look at the photo I posted every 3rd spoke is thick with two thin spokes each side. Yes, I'm after some winter rubber on the 19" alloys ..http://www.audi.co.uk/owners-area/winter-campaign-2013/winter-tyres.html Audi do the wheels but they come with Dunlop SP Winter Sport 3D AO These have shite reviews so i wanted to order the alloys separately and then add Nokian or Continental tyres
  12. Paul, Many thanks for the pdf but that specific alloy isn't listed.. although it is an official Audi product Come on Ian, get your finger out man
  13. Makes you wonder if Renault had something in those engines that they didn't want discovered??
  14. I've been calling it snowflake.. no idea if that is right or not, but to the parts department I think i would have done better calling it George!
  15. Can anyone put a name to this alloy? Many thanks Dave