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  1. Only 4 days left with the GTI...

    After 5 years and one week I will be waving goodbye to my Mk V GTI on Thursday afternoon. Have done the deal on an ex-demo Scirocco R with all the options. Can't wait. My third fast VW in a row. All black.
  2. Possible DSG problem...?

    IT'S FIXED!!! Picked up my car complete with a brand new gearbox on Friday night. Three days down and it seems perfect once again. Although my fuel consumption has been poor... possibly something to do with my heavy right foot as I enjoy the thwump/exhaust pop of up changes when pulling away from every single set of lights or junction!
  3. Possible DSG problem...?

    UPDATE VW initially offered a 50% contribution. Following a lot of battling with VW Customer Service the offer was eventually increased to 75%. The parts have been ordered and I am waiting for a call from the local dealer to book the car in for a full gearbox replacement. Think I will be keeping the GTI for longer than originally planned now. On the plus side, I've recently reached the 40k mile mark, but am getting a new DSG box instead of just an oil change...
  4. Possible DSG problem...?

    My GTI has been in the dealers all day having the issue looked at... Have just picked the car up and they have said it needs a complete new DSG gearbox (NOT just the mechatronics unit). I have to wait until Monday to hear what VW UK will do as the car is 6 months out of warranty. Asked what a ballpark figure for new DSG is, she said ROUGHLY £3500... Matt
  5. Possible DSG problem...?

    Hi Guys, sorry i've not been around for a few weeks... long story. Have not had my car looked at yet, but have been in contact with the dealer and should be leaving the car with them for a day in the next week or so. Thanks Ludwig for the link, very interesting! Matt
  6. Possible DSG problem...?

    Still happening it seems, but most noticeable when 2 or more on board. Will wait and see for a bit. If it continues/gets worse after the thaw has occured I'll take it to the dealers... Out of warranty now though of course!!
  7. Possible DSG problem...?

    No I haven't had/asked for/been recommended a specific DSG service. The issue was most noticable around 3000 rpm when the engine was under steady/constant load climbing hills on the A303 and M3. So not a rev limiter issue. As I said the closest thing I can describe it to was as if letting the clutch in to go for a gear change but then releasing it again. But not completely letting the clutch in, just enough to raise the engine revs by about 150-200 rpm.
  8. Possible DSG problem...?

    Had a good run to Torquay and back for the FA Cup yesterday but noticed a possible problem. When the engine was under load (climbing hills or pulling away from roundabouts) with 4 people on board I noticed the engine revs dipping and surging by a couple of hundred RPM. This was mainly from 50mph up to motorway speeds and when climbing hills with a steady throttle. Pressing the throttle harder causing the gearbox to change down stopped the problem. It felt like the clutch was engaging and disengaging slightly, hence riding the clutch slightly and causing the revs to rise. The dips and surges only lasted a second or so but were noticable to all on board and we all agreed it felt like the clutch. It was best described as a hesitancy as if the DSG was thinking of changing down and then not. Also when pulling away harder from slow speeds there was a slight judder or shake noticable midway through each gear. Today when driving with just me on board I have noticed the revs are still dipping and surging slightly when climbing hills but it is much less noticable. Any ideas? Anyone else had a similar issue? I have just reached 36600 miles and the car has been serviced annually (last time was september).
  9. Info and spy pics of R32 replacement

    I do miss the little Loop. Last seen driving down my road on it's way to a new life in Devon :-( (GU02 LHD if anyone has seen it...)
  10. Info and spy pics of R32 replacement

    I still can't believe how expensive the R is looking. I have specced up on the VW website and my preferred (admittedly high) spec comes out at £37,400 !!! Doesn't stop me fancying one though... although i'm tied between lots of cars and mine isn't due for replacement until September 2010 (60 plate). Also spoke to a dealer about the R last week, they have been told they can order 4 and have so far ordered 2 (presumably demos).
  11. Whilst in the dealers last week I was chatting to one of the salesmen. I mentioned that I'd read a lot of cases of delayed builds on the web. He confirmed that it was a big problem at the moment and gave the following explanation: - VW UK have to block book the number of build slots/cars they think they will need with the factory a year in advance. - Then the scrappage scheme came along and all of a sudden there is a surge in demand for brand new Golfs (and other VWs)... (i have certainly seen a LOT of Mk6 golfs on the road) - VW UK have used up all their build slots and have to go back to Wolfsburg a beg for more. - Wolfsburg say they can only have a handful of extra slots meaning the build weeks are getting pushed back. Which all sounds very plausible. Question is when will VW UK get their hands on a decent quantity of slots? Assuming the new build year begins in January, when did VW UK decide how many 2010 slots to book and how many did they go for?
  12. yellow / brown sludge under oil filler

    A bit of background: Last Saturday morning (about 5:30am) I drove my GTI into a flood on my way home from a relative's house. Due to overnight rain the water was deeper than expected and the engine cut out half way across - PANIC! Whilst sitting the car wondering what to do, a passing Knight in Shining Armour (aka an off-duty London Underground employee) waded into the knee deep water and somehow pushed my car up hill with two passengers on board and the DSG in N until the exhaust was clear of the water level. After a few minutes the engine restarted and having revved the engine to blow water out of the exhaust we were able to continue. Engine was running rough but was back to normal within a minute or two. A few hours later once light I went and checked around the car and took a look at the oil. I discovered the inside of the filler was covered in a light toffee coloured gunge. I obviously assumed that water had got into the engine and immediately rang all the local VW dealers to try and arrange an emergency oil change. So two hours later and £100 lighter I had a new oil filter and a freshly filled engine. The service staff at the dealer said that the tech reported the oil didn't look too bad when drained (the car had only been serviced 8 weeks ago) and suggested that the emulsified oil may have been caused by short journeys not heating the engine up sufficiently. My daily commute is approximately 6 miles each way and can take anything from 12 minutes to 45 minutes depending on traffic, but the engine always reaches operating temperature. I also drive to and from the gym, around 4 miles, several evenings a week. I also drive longer journeys at least once a week including motorways and have driven to Devon recently and to Italy and back in the summer. Roll forward a week, I have driven my normal commute and avoided puddles and floods completely. Today I checked my oil and once again the filler cap has a toffee coloured gunge on it and around the top of the engine. I am relieved that this may be a normal side effect of driving in colder weather. Would be interesting to hear if anyone else has a similar experience...? If this is normal then I may have wasted £100 on an oil & filter change but probably worth it for the peace of mind.
  13. Italian speeding ticket. Pay or not?

    A group of friends hired a couple of cars in Tuscany in 2007 and a year later almost to the day they received fines in the post for driving through a zone/piazza in Pisa that was restricted. At the time they had been lost trying to get back to Pisa airport. I believe they paid up, over 100 euros per car. Typical Italians, leave it a year before dropping the bill on you.
  14. Driving tips for Italy

    I drove the GTI to Tuscany in July and we stopped off in Bellagio on Lake Como for two nights on the way back. Beautiful area and some fairly tight twisty roads run along the edge of the lake. Not necessarily fun if you are concerned about your wing mirrors (or your CDW)! Once we got there we didn't do much driving, but to get around you can get car ferries across the lake.
  15. Info and spy pics of R32 replacement

    0-60 in 5.5secs! Suspension 25mm lower than GTI!... Taken from Top Gear website: "The covers have just come off the new VW Golf R in Frankfurt. Don't be fooled by its understated looks, this is one monstrously fast hot hatch. It's the fastest Golf ever, in fact, powered by the same 266bhp 2.0-litre turbo engine found in the Audi S3. It'll propel the four-wheel-drive Golf to 62mph in 5.5 seconds if you spec the DSG transmission, or 0.2 seconds slower if you'd prefer a manual ’box. That's more powerful and quicker than both the front-wheel-drive Scirocco R and indeed the old Golf R32, which had a bigger, heavier 3.2-litre V6. Emissions and economy are both hugely improved on the old R32, consumption falling from 26.4mpg to 33.2mph, with CO2 emissions down to 199g/km from 225g/km. Though visual, er, enhancements over the Golf GTI remain subtle - new front and rear bumpers, LED running lights and central exhausts being the most obvious - the suspension has been lowered by 25mm while the ESP has been revised with two additional track settings. Because of the four-wheel-drive hardware, the Golf R weighs in around 80kg heavier than the GTI, though 35kg lighter than the R32. Don't expect to see many on the road: VW says it expects to sell just 500 or so Golf Rs per year, with prices starting at around £28,500."