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  1. Love it. Somebody put in the wrench time..
  2. RS3 - Saloon!

    I look at him and think, there's a Yewtree op missing a kids entertainer...
  3. Car shampoo for jet wash lances?

    As much as it surprises me to say this but, what ^ he said.
  4. RS3 - Saloon!

    I desperately wanted and lusted after a 340R years ago, ever since i saw one on the road in So'ton and had a mini seizure with excitement. At one point they were floating around 17-20k. Totally impractical but i loved them. Theyre somewhat out of budget now.... 'ow much?
  5. Bloodbath....

    4th Gen. Here. I'll stick some proper pics of my actual car up when it's clean.
  6. Its the one that took so long in dev from concept, that the new platform came along about 5mins after and replaced it! Supposedly that means there's only 2500 in the UK. FK2 (mine) i think is the better looking car, although FK8 is meant to be the better drive.
  7. Bloodbath....

    So, with a Type-R safely back on the drive, Bloodbath has gone. It was a lovely car but after 10 months i realised it just didn't float my boat enough to be paying for it for another 3 years. There was no excitement unless going warp 9 in a straight line. Pure ballistics didn't cut it. I literally drove it to and from work, it sat there at weekends as i had no desire to take it out for a hoon. It was much more GT than hot hatch, very easy to drive, very comfy to commute in, auto box was great in traffic but it didn't make me feel alive driving it. I also missed having something a bit noisier, more shouty and more individual rather than "There's another 1 series, and another, oh and another....." I look outside now at the black winged beastie and just smile and giggle like a child. I know it's not to everyone's taste, the whole "covered in glue and ram raided Halfords" looks etc. but i happier than ever and still can't quite believe it's mine.
  8. Well, i am nearly at that time of life...... Can't wait to drive everywhere at 37.3 mph in my senior years in a shit colored Jazz. But no, i bought one of these And i ****ing love it.
  9. It would appear, that you can take the boy out of the Honda but..... *Space* To be watched....
  10. Photo sync iOS and android

    I recently started using Flickr again for my phone. Had an account years ago but never really used it whilst in iOS world but finding it quite useful now, not sure on the ipad side of it but can't see why you won't be able to install on iPad and use it in the same way. Good amount of free storage too
  11. The Caterham Build

    What he said. Car right way up and a cup to boot, well played P.
  12. WiFi extension

    I tell 'ee, flawless they be.
  13. WiFi extension

    MrMe in shock Devonian reveal..