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  1. M135i

    That sounds like some next level A-Team stuff....and expensive! I can't justify spending a load of money on an exhaust, tbh. The Mrs wants a new kitchen by August.....so need to keep her on-side too!
  2. M135i

    A local exhaust specialist has quoted me £200 for the MPE mod job. Quite reasonable for a 2-3+ hour job. The back box delete is supposed to be brilliant for better noise - and I've seen video's to support this. I'm just worried about the droning.
  3. M135i

    I'm from Newcastle mate. Do you have any tips? I'm kinda useless when it comes to mods. The 3 most popular options seem to be a sports cat/de-cat down pipe (but this is supposed to trigger the EML, which then requires a re-map to fix), a straight through 'Y' pipe or the MPE mod, where they open the back box and do a few bits and bobs to improve the sound flow.
  4. M135i

    Good choice Arch. I had the option of spending a Max of £19k or waiting 6 months for the M140i. In the end, I couldn't go that long without a car and opted for a 13 plate. Please tell me you went for the Auto!
  5. M135i

    I've had my Mlite for just over 4 months now. Thought I'd do a little review for y'all. I leased an Alfa Giulietta 2.0 TDI Veloce for 2 years before the Mlite. The Alfa was a really nice car, with a torque-y 170bhp engine (especially in dynamic mode...when it pulled like a train through the mid-range) it was very good on fuel, comfortable, spacious and imo looked fantastic. The handling and steering left a lot to be desired though, but it did precisely the job I acquired it for. When I took the lease, I knew there would be a transition stage coming in my life, so really didn't want to commit to something expensive to lease and run. Did 30k miles in 2 years and it didn't miss a beat. Funnily enough, the lease on it finished close to the time I went from selling my businesses and starting a full time job as a Project Manager. So, as plans go - it worked perfectly. The new job meant less mileage which, basically, gave me the freedom to pick anything (within reason) that I wanted. The Golf R was at the top of the list for a while and, if the truth be told, I never even considered the M135i as a possible replacement. As also a leasing broker, I had the pick of most of the cars on the hit list. The list read: 1) Golf R (new lease) 2) BMW 335i (used) 3) MK7 GTI (new lease) 4) Audi A7 3.0 TDI (used) 5) Merc C250d (new lease) so, as you can see: no Mlite. The biggest reason for this was the general misconception I had in my mind about it. The usual 'horrendous on fuel, expensive to insure, crap in the bad weather' etc. It wasn't until about 4 weeks before my Alfa contract was up, that I started reading up on them. The more I read, the more I started to think about the possibility of owning one. Got some insurance quotes and they weren't that much more expensive than the R and GTI. 3 weeks left and I made it my mission to test drive an Auto - as that's the one I heard get the plaudits the most. For love no money could I get a test drive at any of the main dealers in the NE. Time was running out - so I just went with my gut instincts. I trolled through the classified and, 4 days before the Alfa was due to be collected, I found the combination I was looking for: A 5dr Graphite Grey Auto with Coral leather. There was one slight issue, I really wanted the professional media. Did I really need sat Nav? I guess not, I though, so went ahead and placed a deposit on it. The car was in Chester VW, so I booked a train that weekend to go and pick it up. For that full journey, I just kept thinking about all the things that could, potentially, go wrong with what I was about to do. What if i didn't like it? I've never bought a model of a car without testing it first. I was welcomed at the dealer by the principle dealer. Nice chap. He took me to the car and told me that he had personally bought the car from a good friend of his. He seemed really proud of it; personally showed me the spotless bodywork. And it was. Spotless. 25k on the clock and really looked after. The car had just had a full service and a full set of MPSS's on as well. Result! I managed to wrangle a 3 year bodywork (dints, scratches etc) warranty worth £500 out of them for free as well. As soon as I pulled out of that dealership - I knew I had made the right desicion. The seating position was perfect. The steering was lovely and chunky. In 'Comfort mode' the feel of the steering was positive and lite. The ride felt well judged and not as harsh as past M sport set-ups i had owned. I was pretty cuffed! That day, the traffic was horrendous. It must have taken at least 30 miles before had a chance to open the taps up on it. And when I did, I was stunned. I was like "wtf??" Now, baring in mind, a few days before collecting the Mlite, I had an M4 for a full day (gifted to our leasing company as a thank you present for a week) I mean, you would expect an M4 to be fast - I just didn't expect this little 1 series to be so much poke. Sounds daft. I know. Was it better than the cars from my original list. Yes. In my mind, the R was always going to be the Alfa's replacement. I was sure of it. I loved the R from the day I drove it - 18 months previously. But I'm so glad I opted for the Mlite. Don't get me wrong, the R is a weapon. I wont't doubt that for one second - but this little beemer just feels a bit more special to me. It's exciting. Keeps me on my toes. The seating position (imo) is better than the R and just feels so much more involving. The engine is epic. People were telling me I'm mad for getting a RWD with that much power. This Mlite's capabilities compared to my past BMW E46's and E90 are on a different planet. Even in the wet, it feels far more planted, even with some reasonably spirited driving. 50% of what I can push this in the wet would have spun the old BM's. Of course, I still have to respect the fact that it does have it's limitations in the wet. So can't get too excited at such times. If I had one criticism, it would be about how restricted the exhaust note is. I'm thinking of doing something about it now though. A sports cat downpipe is on the horizon and I've enquired about the MPE mod on the standard back box to a local exhaust specialist. My little boy, who's now 7, loves it. "Dad, put it in sports mode and nail it" he says. Lol
  6. A quick heads up.

    Hello all, Sorry I've not followed up on my initial idea of keeping you updated on current lease deals. As things turned out - the guy who I worked with turned out to be a fraud. Remember that 335d deal I mentioned in my original post? Well, he decided to take money from 6 of my clients on that deal and never delivered the cars. He's currently facing fraud charges. Slimy bastard. I ended up doing some work (as a side thing) with my brother, who's had a leasing company for the past 10 years. You're probably wondering why I didn't just do this from the start...don't ask. Things have been a bit mental; last year being the companies best. Ever. The main reason behind this was achieveing better volume based discounts, especially from the likes of MB and VW. I think our MB rates might be the cheapest in the U.K. I'll try and keep you updated here - but if any of you use social media, I run the quick fire deals page on FB (this is the stuff that's not available on our website and sent to us directly) it's called 'Lease4wheels deals' - if anyone wants to make an enquiry, just send me a message on there, post here or PM me directly.
  7. Post a pic of your car

    Had this little bad kitty for 4-5 months now. An M135i. Didnt get all my desired wishes - in terms of colour combo/options though. The 5dr/grey/red/auto combo was a must - but professional media would have put icing on the cake. Oh well.
  8. A quick heads up.

    Ah, yes....but was it the new Face Lift Model ?????
  9. A quick heads up.

    I wonder if the bods at Tyresmoke would let me keep this post open so I can post the occasional deal up? They've got one over at the BMW forum and I've managed to generate a few leads out of it
  10. A quick heads up.

    BMW 335d M sport x-Drive (Business Nav) New LCI model. Personal price. 6+23 and 10k pa. £295+VAT. Stonking offer ! Aug/Sep delivery.
  11. A quick heads up.

    Afternoon, Mr Me. Hope you're well and enjoying the 'new' you
  12. A quick heads up.

    I'm well, Ian_C, thanks. Life's just got really busy with family life, kids and work. Yeah, the R was very popular. My brother, who's been in the leasing business for a while now, was knocking them out at 180+VAT a month! I think he did about 10 in the month of August/July - I even had the props signed for one but had a change of heart because of the amount of mileage they were offering and the fact that I was covering around 300-350 miles a week. So I opted for a Alfa Giulietta 170 diesel instead. Calm Chris, we wish! Haha Busby, just keep me in mind bud. I'll be more than happy to offer you my/our services.
  13. A quick heads up.

    Evening All! It's been a while since I last posted here ! I hope you're all well and still enjoying your cars. I'm posting this just to make you all aware, I’ve recently taken on a role as a Business Development Manager at a growing UK vehicle leasing company. Because I’m just starting out, I’m trying to do a bit of networking and see what sort of interest there is out there amongst forum I've participated in, in the past. So, if you/your partner/parent/other family member/friend/child/work colleague etc etc.. are currently in the market for a Personal/Business/Company car to lease for 1/2/3 years - then send me some enquiries via PM and I’ll be more than willing to try and help and give you some figures to consider. I hope I’m not breaking any house rules by doing this, If I am, then I apologise in advance. Vaheed
  14. R800 str

    Is this 'Rooster' from this forum? Whit Audi A7?
  15. Every car you have ever owned??

    1st - Citroen 1.4 blrrrrrrr 2nd - Pug 306 TD 3rd - Mk4 Golf GT TDI 110 4th - Mk4 Golf GT TDI 150 5th - E46 330d M Sport Saloon 6th - E46 330d M Sport Coupe 7th - Seat Cupra TDI 8th - Mk5 Golf GTi 9th - E90 330d M Sport + Pug 106 GTI 11th - Mk5 Golf GTi DSG - current. Not exactly exotica - but I'm still only 32 - so all were bought to have balance of pleasing/compromise insurance premiums. They were all modified (except the current Golf - which I'm hoping to have done shortly) - so their performance was much greater than the average car on the road.