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  1. BMW 318Ci Convertible with a difference....

    These? https://www.alloygator.com
  2. Minor Scratch Repair

    Dr Color Chip, check it out using your favourite search engine. Brilliant stuff, can't recommend it enough
  3. Any Nissan Qashqai owners

    We bought our Qashqai last month - a one year old Acenta Plus with the 1.5dCi engine (zero road tax). Coincidentally the other car in our household is my 2014 EB M235i which I've owned for a year. The QQ was formerly owned by Nissan as one of their fleet cars - we got it for an absolute snip at £16.5k. Coming from a previously owned Juke, the QQ is a big step up in comfort and refinement. We recently had a 3 hour drive to Oban and I have to say I really enjoyed driving the QQ, completely different experience to the BMW of course but with the sat nav, panoramic glass roof, DAB radio on and quiet engine it made for a very pleasant trip. I have read negative comments about reliability on the QQ forums but we are happy with our purchase. I gave the car a hand wash today and the panel fits and build quality are far superior than the Juke, probably says more about the dubious quality of the Juke than the QQ though. If somebody asked me if I'd recommend the QQ, I wouldn't hesitate in saying yes. Coming from a Tiguan you may feel like it is a step down in quality but your wallet won't get as big a pounding. Go and test drive one, if you haven't already, and hopefully you will enjoy it.
  4. MacBook Air or Surface Pro 3?

    Today, JL are selling the MBA with £100 off, free delivery and you get their 2 year warranty - an offer I couldn't refuse
  5. HP to Split Again..

    Agilent has changed again, now known as Keysight Technologies. Heaven knows how much all these branding changes cost.
  6. What mountain bike?

    http://www.evanscycles.com/products/cannondale/trail-6-29er-2014-mountain-bike-ec053947 Just my opinion but I would steer clear of Halfords. There are better bikes to be found for the same money. Take a look at Evans website for example - maybe you have a store near you? The example I've linked is in your budget with a good saving and superior to the Voodoo? They also have a Specialized Hardrock just over your budget that you should maybe consider. Another site to check is Tweeks - here is an example of a decent entry level bike in your budget. http://www.tweekscycles.com/bikes/hardtail-mountain-bikes/scott-aspect-640-26-hardtail-mountain-bike Scott bikes have a good reputation. Good luck and get out there and ride
  7. Apple - Where's the think different?

    I regularly visit the Apple Store in Delaware, located in a large Mall complex. There is a security guard permanently posted outside the entrance to the store, so people helping themselves must be a real concern for Apple. The purchase experience at Apple is unique but the 'open' style of their stores makes it tempting to the light fingered.
  8. M3 Forums

    When I was an M3 owner, there was an excellent site which ran into some copyright difficulties with BMW and, sadly, is no more. A quick search reveals a site called M3 Torque which looks like it has a number of people who were on the old site and this one is alive and running. I can't vouch for how good it is because my M3 days are over but check it out.
  9. Wheel refurbish in Fife / Edinburgh

    I picked up my refurbish from Coatech today - its ok but thats all, definitely nothing to rave about. Imperfections (dirt?) in the paint, still rough where it was kerbed and not convinced about the colour match either. Probably end up scraping the rim again so I'll live with it
  10. double sided sticky pads..

    Try WD40
  11. Pressed Metal Number Plates

    I'm not saying you are wrong but these guys think you are. 3D Vision Number Plates
  12. Job change ideas

    Have you considered a lawn care/gardening business or franchise? If you live in an area which has a lot of holiday lets, there has to be good business potential. The job is outdoors, varied, only work during the day, you should be capable of keeping your own books and should easily meet your salary aspirations. There are a few franchises out there so let the search engine do the hard work - hope this helps!
  13. Scirocco R /Golf R Prices

    I sold my MkV R32 and looked at the new R. In the end, I went to Audi and ordered a TTS. Using the VW configurator and speccing the car as close as I can to the TTS spec I have, the VW is nearly £1000 more than I paid for my new TTS. VW has got the Golf R pricing wrong - plain and simple.
  14. Mtorque

    In the days of the E46 M3, it was a busy, informative site. A lot of people never came back after its long break last year, I think another contributory factor is there is not the same amount of interest in the E9X as it has moved out of a lot of people's budgets. Shame but every dog has its day and unfortunately MTorque's is done.
  15. Info and spy pics of R32 replacement

    Barnetts - next to the Tay Rail Bridge