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  1. 3 Series Washer Bottle

    Didn't realise there was one in the top - mine certainly Isn't visible. The one at the bottom, buried in the very innards of the car as Mac says, gunks up and gets blocked due to reactions between different washer fluids, apparently. Given how hard it is to access it's a lot easier to stick to one brand although I reckon pumping hot water through the bottle will probably also clear the filters.
  2. Dear Motorpunk, I go away for a while and you've clearly lost the Füchsing plot. Good luck with your new endeavour. M
  3. I've, err, bent it. Again. A bit.

    Try and drive down the middle of the track next time. HTH
  4. I need one. I could do with four. I'm out of touch, I don't know what/where SRS is but I'd rather buy a 2nd hand wheel from TSN, where I trust. I say 'trust', what I mean is that I can persecute people to the end of the earth easily here should anything go wrong
  5. washer jets not working...

    Had this myself last month, its a common BMW (and Renault, among others) fault. Easy to fix, pain in the arse to access. In English: Your washer reservoir will have two pumps built into it, one for headlights, one for windscreen, each with an inline filter between pump and tank. The windscreen one is the lower of the two and is sited there to pull as much of that water out. Unfortunately these are known to gunk up due to crud that accumulates in the tank and more specifically chemical reactions between differering detergents. BMW say you should use their screen wash and there might be some merit. Symptoms are the sound of the pump running but a measly dribble of water onto the screen. Once you've gained access to the area, its a simple drain, remove filter (being careful not to drop filter into tank), then clean filter, rinse and refill tank and reassemble. Unfortunately to access the tank you have to remove the right front wheel, disassemble the wheel arch liners, remove the rear one and probe a little deeper. BMW would want c. £150 to do this, so I'd take it to a local indy that will do the job easily and charge you a fraction of that. If you have this problem and are anywhere near High Wycombe I can put you in touch with my man that will do it for a few quid.
  6. That would be most kind of you Antonio. Happy to donate to the Handcuff fund. How in need of a refurb? The other 3 aren't exactly looking new - a perfect wheel will stick out like a sore thumb! ps How the FOOK can you lose an alloy wheel?? Its complicated. Noo Yes Thanks but sounds far too complicated!
  7. The TSN Mornington Crescent game...

    Double Reverse: Kings Cross & St Pagcras!
  8. The TSN Mornington Crescent game...

    Parson's Green
  9. The TSN Mornington Crescent game...

    Remembered this thread at the weekend. Think its about time for another game, I'll start. White City.
  10. Need a new laptop - advice please

    Sorry chaps, slack feedback from me. Plans temporarily on hold as I should be getting hold of a half-decent HP which I can hopefully make use of in the meantime. Couple of thoughts - nice spec on the Lenovos but I couldn't keep the price below 2k SSD - talk to me - I don't get it, every system with an SSD seems to have 1/3 of the storage of a conventional drive and no mention of a 2ndary drive. I always thought you used your SSD for loading and frequently accessed things and kept your data on a normal drive? Seems the trade-off for speed is storage space... Mook, thanks - will bear that in mind - might actually just go with one big screen at first but will let you know if I need to go to 2 x huge mothers
  11. Need a new laptop - advice please

    Thanks, and the name of this laptop is.....? Every time I've looked at Vaios, they just seem to have a few cute features and cost a LOT more than the competition. Any recommendations? Really? I assumed it would have to come out of the graphics card??
  12. Need a new laptop - advice please

    Yeah just saw that matrox thing - 100 quid, right? So we're saying that by default, laptops don't have dual outs? Alienware, ok, but way too expensive and realistically, probably overkill for design as opposed to gaming? Any merit in an ssd drive in the mix? Still thinking "cheaper" than alienware...
  13. Need a powerful laptop - will be used for design work so needs to multitask various chunky bits of adobe software. Really can't be arsed with getting to know a mac, I'm getting on now and can't be told, so will need to be a windows pc. They seem to have come down in price so budget would be around 1250 (laptop only) although open to increases if necessary. Thoughts so far are HP or Acer but that's as far as I've got. Dell I've heard a lot of bad things about re laptops. Will mainly be docked on a desk but will go mobile when required. Also, I'd like it ideally to output to 2 monitors (not laptop screen + monitor) is this a big deal? I assume it;d need to have 2 x outs on the graphics card? Is this rare on a laptop (i.e. will it cost 2k and greatly limit my choice?) if so ditch that idea. Processing power and graphics are everything, this will be a dedicated machine. I have others for browsing etc. Thoughts please, ta
  14. Smart repairers

    Thanks for not taking the piss.