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  1. Your motoring plans for 2014?

    Le Mans for the first time, and was going to be deciding between a new M4/997 Turbo, but then I heard the new F Type R in this video Jaguar did and the other two quickly seemed very boring by comparison. Turn your speakers up, it's only a short video and you will not regret clicking it!
  2. Dealer discounts .......

    The date the order is taken is usually irrelevant, some dealers may do it differently, but month end may not work as it only counts towards dealer target when it is delivered, so if you're not going to take delivery of the car until March, it won't count towards their targets this month/quarter.
  3. Your cars current average MPG

    Yes, it hasn't been used in a while, and I always seem to be working and HAVE to use the DS for work. I'd love to drive it more but my daily commute is mainly just traffic where the stop/start in the DS comes in handy... I took it to the other side of town when I went for my haircut last month and was mainly stuck in traffic, I didn't go fast at all and it showed an average of 6.5MPG.
  4. Your cars current average MPG

    11 point something on the RS 6, that's an average over the last 3k miles. The company DS3 is 57MPG over 3.5k miles.
  5. Citroen DS3 lease deals

    Ah, well, I took my RS6 in to BMW for a wheel refurb and the bodyshop manager said he chose to lease the DS3 as they were cheaper than BM's, assumed other dealers were doing it too.
  6. Citroen DS3 lease deals

    He's been unlucky, the DS3 has just won JD Power supermini of the year, I speak to DS3 owners almost every day and I love how incredibly loyal and passionate they are about them, and we've sold lots to repeat customers, It would be unfair to dismiss the DS3 because of this one individuals' experience IMO.
  7. Citroen DS3 lease deals

    I've had various DS3's in different specifications and guises as company cars now and think they're fab, for someone who's only ever bought German cars and did not expect much, it really won me over. I've even taken one down to Amsterdam (from the Midlands), four up, and it was as comfortable as I would ever have needed it, plus, it cost me less than £100 in fuel and managed 65MPG at 80+ MPH. True, however, the 90BHP diesel is more than adequate, and the 115 means having to go for the sport specification - which has a list price of at least £2,000 more off the top of my head, I wouldn't pay an extra £2k for the 115 over the 90, you'd have to want the sport spec, personally, I feel the DStyle Plus 90 HDI is the pick of the bunch and the best value. The 115BHP gives you a six speed gearbox though, and I find I get better MPG because of it cruising at 80 (km/h) *ahem*. Yes, my local BMW dealer also run a fleet of DS3's, it's because some insurance companies insist on paying them cut price labour rates so it is cheaper for them to lease the Citroens than supply BMW's. Also, on the bluetooth - it is now standard from the mid-spec model upwards (DStyle) this is effective from June 2013, possibly July. Any DS3 questions, put them my way guys. I work for the eccentric little French firm.
  8. Which car to use for my cousins' wedding?

    Thanks, Tipex. End of thread, anyway, she's just text me 'Actually, I like the white one'.
  9. I've been asked to 'chauffeur' my cousin on her wedding day on Sunday being the 'car guy'. They don't want anything too fancy, like a Rolls etc... So I was planning on using my RS 6, but I'm also picking up a new 3 Series (in a very wedding car like white) a few hours before the wedding (Sept 1st) The BMW will have about 3 miles on it, brand new on a 63 plate, M Sport with the wheel upgrade/Xenons and red leather. The RS6 will get a hurried wash and be very loud. Photo of my RS and a BMW with the exact spec below. I can't make my mind up, the bride to be won't have a preference as it's all 'up to me' so I'll go with what the Tyresmoke massive think. Thanks guys!
  10. S6 Avant

    Good choice, have you seen the C&D article? They picked the S6 over the M5/AMG. 2013 Audi S6 vs. 2013 BMW M5, 2012 Mercedes-Benz E63 AMG - Comparison Test - Car and Driver They tested the 0-60 in 3.6 secs IIRC, and it will do 36 MPG, apparently, as it shuts off four cylinders on the motorway. Looking forward to your thoughts, when are you due to collect?
  11. Advice on an older A4 Quattro...

    Nice one on the 991 GT3 order, that looks like some car. Photos as and when that arrives please. How far is the station? For £1,000-£2,000, you can get yourself a super comfy, V8 A8 quattro (even an S8), the quality and build to this day still surprise me. The Recaro seats will be one of the comfiest you've ever sat in, I promise you, and the V8 noise vs a 4 pot tractor will be worth the slight difference in fuel costs (assuming you're not doing mega miles) Used AUDI S8 4.2 QUATTRO. LOVELY CONDITION INSIDE AN... for sale - PistonHeads (Ref 743347)
  12. What do we think of the B8 S4 Avant?

    Yep, there is a video of the MRC one showing the Revo one who's boss at Inters on Youtube.
  13. Audi to Launch Four New RS Models This Year

    They aren't exactly accomplished now either, the B7 seems to have been a one off. The only flaw then was the crap handling vs the equivalent M product, but they were so much more powerful vs the M equivalent that they got away with it. Now, the RS 4/5 have (as near as makes no difference) the same power as the M3, it is the same story with the 1M/RS 3. So, now they don't have a power advantage, and BMW still have the handling edge.
  14. Audi to Launch Four New RS Models This Year

    I'm not sure you lot will agree. But remember when the B5 RS 4/C5 RS 6 came out? It was a pretty big deal, nowadays an RS model comes out every other week and I don't notice, no limited production, no exclusivity so therefore no 'wow' factor IMO, they slap the RS badge on anything. That has spoiled them for me, maybe I'm just a sucker for marketing. But I really don't get excited about RS Audi models nowadays like I used to when you could only buy one at a time etc... Maybe the models just aren't as appealing anymore and it has nothing to do with how many are made and on sale, feck it, I dunno, but as an RS owner they have lost their appeal with me, big time.