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  1. Newbie

    Generally get around 18mpg or so in the GTR, about the same as the gfs DB9 tbh... you can probably tell we don’t really do many miles a year! that is the point of the S4 I have a new job which means around 16k miles a year so I need something practical to put the miles on.
  2. Newbie

    Sort of! actually first registered here in 2001, and between then and now only posted 4 times! Well I've just bought myself a 2011 S4 daily driver so expect to see me lurking in the Audi section. Oh I do have a 600bhp R35 GTR as well... Simon
  3. 1994 Nissan Skyline R33 GTS25t 2.5l Single turbo RWD Mines VX-ROM ecu TEIN type HA Coilover suspension (adjustable for height and damping) TEIN Pillowball adjustable tie rods HKS Super Drager ss Exhaust (5" diameter tailpipe) Iridium Sparkplugs GTR Sideskirts Hasemi Grill Aftermarket Spoiler. Metalic burgandy 79,000kms (49000 miles) £9000 pm with email address for more details and photos.
  4. A4 1.8T hesitation...

    I doubt it's the MAF - I had mine off a few weeks ago and it was clean as a whistle after 97k miles. More likley a DV failure, replace with a standard part less than £30 I believe. can't hurt to put some injector cleaner or similar through it, and mine runs much better on optimax than UL or SUL. Simon
  5. Millers II Anyone not got theres yet!

    I've been trying to find out how to collect mine - only found this site yesterday. I am in nottingham so need to know where to collect from. Simon
  6. Millers

    Well just found this site and thread I am in nottingham so need to find the best way to collect - suggestions? Simon