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  1. Slovakiaring : 1st - 3rd Sept '17

    Bazza, come along! I promise you, you'll never enjoy anything as much as riding a fast bike as fast as you can around an epic track, with pit and off-track beers n' banter, and with an awesome group of guys to boot. I thought racing DH MTB's was incredible. This is in another league. I swear you feel God-like at the end of each session
  2. Almost a new biker....

    A triple is sublime (but there again I am biased) and the ST has a worthy rep from what I know. The R version is tasty on power and no doubt it's delivery. I've been through the pros and cons of a Aprilia V4 RR (the beast of the the nakeds) but the insurance is ridiculous and makes it a non-starter, sadly. The 09 is defo a keeper. The twin of the 07 sounds awesome with a quality after market full system - heard one the other day with an Arrow system and it was impressive
  3. expensive numberplates

    Saw N3 on a grey California yesterday
  4. 530i vs 535d

    ^^^ this ^^^
  5. Forums & Max Power sorts

    Personally, I thoroughly enjoyed my modding experience (mkv gti back in the day). Found it very addictive. The additional performance was reward enough, however the sheer desire to add something that would be beneficial to eek out another possible bhp, was all-consuming almost. Whether or not it did add 'power' the fact that it possibly would was all I needed. As I say, an addiction really.
  6. What a tool. Should take his licence from him

    The nature of Park Lane does encourage one to twist the throttle/pedal down that bit more
  7. Almost a new biker....

    There's not that many demo bikes about at this time of year. There will be more in the early spring. I can't get a ride on a MV F3 800 right now for love nor money!
  8. Cheap S1000RR Anyone?

    Thieving scum probably tracked the transporter and waited till dark. Damn nice bikes too. I saw them at the NEC bike show last week. What a crying shame.
  9. Almost a new biker....

    As Scotty said, bike choice is so personal. Only when you test ride some will you know which suits you. Enjoy and keep us posted
  10. Nots sure what it was

    Love that!
  11. Almost a new biker....

    My '9. Bigger and meatier than its smaller brother, the '7, bit still lighter than most triples and IL4s, and still very chuckable and controlable.
  12. Bike Show 2016

    I test rode the gixxer 750. Track weapon it is. daily it ain't. The '17 gixxer thou has much tricknology which sadly isn't available on the 750. New 'blade SP is stunning...
  13. Almost a new biker....

    Well done bazza - top riding. Now, get yourself the bike you crave and have more fun than you care to imagine. Ride safe, rubber side down. (Emojis have disappeared but thumbs up!)
  14. Almost a new biker....

    Yep, like car mods - some the insurers are happy about and some have a small premium attached to them. Upgraded fork internals and remap would go unnoticed. Exhausts are a different matter, sadly. Best of luck for tomorrow matey. You'll breeze it, you'll see. Confidence, confidence, confidence, and whatever you do, don't forget your life savers