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  1. Tada!!

    Looks fantastic Tony and a really good discount as well, makes it all the sweeter. Interesting what Arch says about the MPE as I had it on my 135i and loved it. I will probably go with the MPE for my 140 come march/april time. There is a dealer based in Scotland on the 135/235/140/240 FB page, doing the MPE for the 140 at under £700 with the chrome tips and free UK postage. With regard to the Adaptive I decided to go with it this time round, and have really been pleasantly surprised. I will probably be putting my winters on in the next week, so will give me the chance to sort the 436's out. Coral interior really does lift the cabin.
  2. The new steed..

    Thanks. I do miss the Mineral Grey especially with the coral leather Interior.. Are you on the 135i/235i/140i/240i FB Group Arch, as I recall someone posting they had been out in a red on red demo some weeks ago. Obviously you will miss the R but I don't think the 140 will disappoint, the new B58 lump is so good and quite different to the outgoing N55. Congrats Tony, how are you finding the B58 lump compared to the N55 in the 135i. Have to say I love it BMW have hit the spot again..
  3. The new steed..

    Well the 135i has gone and now in a 140i.
  4. I use a set of OEM X117" steelies with 225/45/17 winter rubber, for when winter bites. Still running on the mpss at the moment with no real issues.
  5. BMW 125i

    What tyres is your 125i rolling on. My Mlite is on the michelin pilot super sports and they really do suit the car, giving grip and stability in most conditions. You can pile on speed really quickly in these cars and the super sports really are up to the job. My winter set is still in the garage, as weather in Kent is mostly wet and mild..
  6. Thinking of a BMW M235i

    MG does look good but MR really suits the M235i imho and would be my colour choice. I would be looking to add the Black Performance Grilles and the MPE. Whatever you decide the M235i will not dissapoint..
  7. Golf GTI Edition 40 - 261bhp

    Have to say I like the Golf R in Tornado Red and it seems to work with the Cadiz wheels, alot better than some other colours. Would have liked to have seen Leather as standard in vw's premium hatch..
  8. The new steed..

    I think BMW have done a very good job with the M135i, its fun, practical and does'nt break the bank account..
  9. The crazy deals are back.....!

  10. M Performance Exhaust.

    Do like the facelift M135i, think BMW have done a good job with it.
  11. M Performance Exhaust.

    Yes just the back box Andrew. BMW have been doing a reduced price on these at £650 down from £1,050, which I always thought was well ott. Actually paid £620 for mine from my local dealer..
  12. M Performance Exhaust.

    Have to say I am very pleased with the MPE I had fitted last week, not as lairey as some but definitely alot more rorty, really enhances that straight six noise..
  13. Golf GTI Edition 40 - 261bhp

    That does look good and good to see they have dropped the quad exhaust..
  14. Golf GTI Edition 40 - 261bhp

    Knees, Prostate and Hips should still be going strong, but odds on with the messy divorce..
  15. Golf GTI Edition 40 - 261bhp

    Sounds interesting, not sure the Edition35 was as popular as the Edition30. Will have to wait and see how well the Edition40 is recieved..