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  1. Disney Restaurants

    Edit, the island is on the west coast!
  2. Disney Restaurants

    Denny's for breakfast, Lumberjack Slam is a must. TGI's is far superior than the UK and pretty good value. Their ribs were bloody good. Hard Rock had the best burgers. I'd stick to basic food as the Yanks version of fancy wasn't very clever! If you get the chance and want to drive to the coast for a break head to Anna Marie Island. The most stunning little island on the east coast. Beautiful sea and sand, Dolphins swimming by, truly unspoilt. Take something to get out of the sun if you go to the top of the island, it will be roasting. Discovery Cove was excellent, the swimming with dolphins is very staged for you to buy pics and CDs afterwards, but they have a massive salt water area for you to swim in. That is something special. Don't do too much, go to the parks later in the day when it's less busy. We went at 5pm and jumped on the rides. Some many things to list!
  3. My RS Update

    Ok, is this a good colour for a GT3 RS?
  4. My RS Update

    Brilliant. It must be so much fun!
  5. Football results today

    Spurs V Araenal moved to 12:45 from 3pm today, for BT. It was never going to be 3pm but it's still bloody annoying. Now I'll have to start drinking at 9:30.
  6. Feckwit attempts to steal Porsche

    Maybe he's the owner and he's locked his keys inside the car? NOT!
  7. So, Valencia then...

    Can't wait to see the Spanish love in collapse after the first race. My wish is for VR to win it but I'd also like to see DP wipe the floor with the other two lovers. VR played the wrong hand with his verbals but was proved right in the end. No matter how good JL and MM are, I've lost respect for them both now.
  8. So, Valencia then...

    Did you see the start Rossi got? That bike compared to the others around him! It was unbelievable.
  9. Football results today

    You love Spurs, Chris.
  10. Football results today

    What comes down quicker after Christmas, trees or Leicester.
  11. So, Valencia then...

    He obviously hates Rossi more than Lorenzo.
  12. So, Valencia then...

    Danny well done mate. Made my day a bit easier. Didn't watch the MotoGP podium but hearing MM was booed, in Spain?
  13. So, Valencia then...

    FFS! Gutted.
  14. So, Valencia then...

    What a lap by Lorenzo.
  15. So, Valencia then...

    Giving the thumbs down on the podium?