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  1. BMW M3 Competition

    Both cars are too much for you to handle Riz !!
  2. WiFi extension

    Mucho grassi
  3. WiFi extension

    Are you still using the virgin hub as a modem only?
  4. WiFi extension

    Which model asus or other router do you recommend? Im on the virgin 300 line but as you have said wifi coverage is very poor and the powerline things are bit crap.
  5. In car SIM and Bluetooth at same time

    You can buy the correct update software on sd card form your parts dept if they are willing to sell it to you and update the system your self. iirc they are about £40. You will also need to change a setting in the green engineering menu in order for the sim & BT to work together.
  6. Im sure there is a usb to 3.5mm converter available but not had chance to look. Is there no other audio output from the bose?
  7. You need a HDMI audio extractor. I had the same issue when i need to extract the audio signal from the hdmi in order to process the sound through my av amp. so you will have HDMI from PC to HDMI Audio Extractor input & then output to monitor and 2nd output via optical or 3.5mm jack to Bose It needs usb connection to power it. This is the one i used
  8. Porsche Macan - The story so far.

    Lovely car Chris, I went to see one in my local dealer; Stratstone Porsche in Wilmslow and really liked the car they had in the showroom. Depsite there being no one else in the showroom no one approached me and after half an hour of wandering around i asked for a brochure for the Mecan and after lots fo fumbling around by the dozy receptionist she called a sales guy to help her. After 20mins he appreared asking how he could help; told him to shove the brochure as they have just lost a potential customer. Not sure why this shite attitude exists in a lot of dealers as the way i see it is every person walking through that door is a potential sale. BMW Wilmslow were great when i looked at the X5. Enjoy!
  9. Romania’s Got Talent

    Lol Classic !
  10. Riz in print

    Riz; does your wifey know about your past? ( on here that is)? Im sure she'd love reading the old classic tsn posts. Oh the good old days! Congrats on the wifey and the baby.
  11. Riz in print

    lol... yes, he led a very issueless life back then. Wonder if having a job, car and woman has changed much
  12. Riz in print

    I see he still has the obsession with colourful trainers
  13. Kahn's coupe creation

    They say it will be based on the DB9 but being from Bradford means you will end with an MR2 underneath. Why on earth do people even think khan stuff is worth buying?? Utterly crap
  14. Stupid Audi or pi55 taking customer?

    Yes but the silly bint has drank herself senseless,racked up a huge bill and then paid it obviously. Audi could have said go feck off but have still offered to pay half the bill which even then is still a lot. She's obviously a bit dumb thinking 'oh lets screw audi big time' yet having to pay the bill herself. Could have back fired big time
  15. Golf R420 - Confirmed?

    You buying one Riz?