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  1. Genuine Ross-Tech Micro-CAN VCDS dongle

    All done, will be there tomorrow. Cheers
  2. Genuine Ross-Tech Micro-CAN VCDS dongle

    Cheers, I have sent you a PM back with details.
  3. I have a nearly new Micro-CAN Can-Only VCDS dongle for sale. This has been used once to dignose an ABS fault. It is not registered, so you can register it yourself for full support. This interface is compatible only with cars based on Mk5 Golf technology as below 2003+ VW Touran (1T chassis) 2004+ VW Golf/Rabbit/GTI (1K chassis) (2010+ models may have AJ in the VIN) 2004+ VW Caddy (2K chassis) 2004+ Audi A3/S3 (8P chassis) (2010+ models may have FM in the VIN) 2004+ Seat Altea (5P chassis) 2004+ Skoda Octavia (1Z chassis) 2005+ Seat Toledo (5P chassis) 2005+ Golf Plus (5M chassis) 2005+ Seat Leon (1P chassis) 2005.5+ Jetta/GLI (1K chassis) 2006+ Eos (1F chassis) (2010+ models may have AH in the VIN) 2007+ Audi TT (8J chassis) (2010+ models may have FK in the VIN) 2007+ VW Golf Variant/Wagon (1K chassis) 2008+ VW Tiguan (5N chassis) (2010+ models may have AX in the VIN) 2008+ Audi A3 Cabriolet (8P chassis) 2011+ VW Jetta (16/AJ chassis) 2012+ VW Beetle (5C/AT chassis) 2005.5+ VW Passat (3C chassis) (2010+ models may have AN in the VIN) 2008+ VW Passat CC (35 chassis) (2010+ models may have AN in the VIN) 2008+ Skoda Superb (3T chassis) 2009+ VW Scirocco (13 chassis) 2009+ VW Golf (5K chassis) 2010+ Skoda Yeti (5L chassis) 2011+ VW Sharan (7N chassis) 2011+ Seat Alhambra (71 chassis) 2011+ Audi Q3 (8J chassis) 2012+ VW Passat (NMS) (A3 chassis) Looking for £155 including next day delivery by UPS
  4. Helped needed 2001 S3 AC stopped working

    If you go to you can purchase a 1 day pass (flatrate) for 25 Euros which allows to to dowload and print as much information as you like. If you set up a printer driver like PDFcreator or similar, you should be able to print everything you download to PDF to keep.
  5. It's probably more like this one. You can check the engine code by looking at the label in the front of your service book. 2008 VW GOLF 2.0 TDI ENGINE BMN 170BHP | eBay
  6. WTD - bike rack or carrier for 8l model

    I have a set of genuine Audi roof bars, 1 genuine Audi cycle carrier and 2 halfords bike carriers. With instructions, mounting tool and locking keys. I can take pics if you are interested. I used these a fair bit and did not mark the paintwork at all.
  7. Advice on selling a Bora

    I had a 51 plate Bora 130 TDi SE which I sold about 5 months ago. It had 150K miles, tatty interior and a few dents on the bodywork. With a bit of wax, it actually looked quite good. It was a perfect runner and didn't use any oil. Servicing had been done by me since 110K miles and there was no history to suggest that the cambelt had been done. Just look in autotrader, find something similar and stick it up for sale for similar price. Don't worry about servicing. I advertised mine for £2200 and sold it for £2000 within 1 day.
  8. 8L Audi S3 17 inch alloys

    Wheels now sold
  9. 8L Audi S3 17 inch alloys

    Set of four original 8L Audi S3 Avus alloys. All 4 wheels in absolutely immaculate condition. Zero scrapes, scratches or marks. Fitted with Bridgestone Potenza RE040 tyres all with approximately 2mm tread £250 Collection from North Yorkshire
  10. VW Golf MK4 Central Locking Fault

    I had the exact problem on my old Bora. Try disconnecting the car battery for 10 minutes and then reconnecting. Worked for me. Not sure about the tick-tock in the dash though.
  11. 54 plate Audi S3 for sale

    Looking at the invoice, they actually gave me £8500 for it, but discounted me £500 off the new car. I did a CAP valuation which said that I could expect £8225 to £8750 as a private sale. It's very difficult to value though because although it's a 54 plate, it was still manufactured in late 2002. They commented on the lack of Audi dealer history which they reckon knocks a fair bit of value off it. They won't have to spend any money other than tyres and warranty though. It was very well cleaned up by me and has tax and MOT until September.
  12. 54 plate Audi S3 for sale

    Now for sale here Auto Trader Dealer Pages - Wills & Ellis Ltd They have put 4 new tyres and a warranty on it, so should be a good buy for someone at £9995
  13. 54 plate Audi S3 for sale

    Not much interest at this price, so traded the car in today. Upset with myself for letting it go for £9k but at least I can move on now. On Thursday, picking up a lovely 56 plate Seat Leon FR TDi. Will miss the S3 and it's awesome launches whatever the weather but should save me some money on fuel.
  14. 54 plate Audi S3 for sale

    There were 4 cars ordered from a German Audi dealer for a company in the UK to sell on, all with indentical specification. At some point, the order was cancelled, but the German dealer was left with 4 UK cars to sell on. They were sat in dry storage at the dealer for over a year and Colin was the lucky one who was contacted to purchase all four. They were fitted with new tyres and batteries, and were sold through Colin's Sport-Import business and were probably the only 4 S3's registered on a 54 plate
  15. 54 plate Audi S3 for sale

    Yes, it was one of 4 that were late registered by Colin M.