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  1. iMac Pro Performance

    Many thanks, thought it was probably being hyped up a bit more than it should have been, the other issue with Chinese machines I'm told is driver support, that won't be an issue with Lenovo I'm sure. I'm guessing it's simple enough to put another 4gb ram in, or is it better to put a single 8gb in? or more if there is a sweet spot with regards to £ per GB?
  2. iMac Pro Performance

    Mac, I appreciate this might not be your area of expertise, not being the latest most powerful machine, but I'd appreciate your advice none the less. I've been looking for a half decent laptop for the kids schoolwork, general internet browsing, some accounting work, word processing, light gaming and a bit of video editing up to 1080p and have come across the Teclast F6 Pro, now aside from the fact it's Chinese and therefore support/built quality are currently an unknown (although I'm not worried, my sister in law is currently living out that way and has purchased plenty of Chinese brands without any issues), I was just wondering if you thought I could do any better with the more mainstream/recognised brands locally? To save you looking it up if you haven't heard of it I'll post the specs below, it's currently available for £381, although usually averages around £450, any opinion you have would be gratefully received. Device Type – Windows OS Laptop Brand – Teclast Model – F6 Pro Alternative Name – F6 Pro Notebook CPU Clock speed – Dual Core 1.0GHz up to 2.6GHz CPU clock Chipset – Intel Core m3 7Y30, 64-bit Processor GPU – Intel HD Graphics 615 Camera – Single 2.0 Megapixel Front-facing camera Memory – RAM 8GB DDR3L RAM | Storage 128GB SSD Storage Capacity Display – 13.3 Inch, 1920 x 1080 Pixel, with IPS Display, and Aspect Ratio 16:9 Dimension – 31.50 x 20.85 x 1.50 cm Weight – 1.3930 Kg Battery – 5,000 mAh Lithium-ion-Polymer Battery Connectors -2 x USB 3.0, 1xType-C Port, SD Card Slot, Mini HDMI Port, 3.5 mm Headset Jack Input – Power, Keyboard, Mouse Color – Silver Optical Storage – Not Included Sensor – Fingerprint Operating System – Microsoft Windows OS, 64-bit OS (English Version) Version – 128GB SSD ROM / 8GB DDR3L RAM, Mode – Only Laptop Mode More Features -300MHz-900MHz Graphics Card Frequency, Aluminium Alloy Body, Intel HD Graphics 615 Chipset, WLAN Card, LAN Card, Bluetooth, 7W Power Consumption, 14nm Process Technology, 4 Threads, SSD Drives, 12V/2A Charger Output Power, 2 USB Port Available, Bluetooth, Built-in Dual Speakers, MIC Supported, M.2 Type Hard Disk Interface, Fingerprint Identification, Intel Turbo Boost Technology, On-Processor Graphics.
  3. Monarch (financial trouble bewing?)

    Flew with Monarch to Barcelona a couple of months ago, have to say, they made Ryanair look attractive, crappy, knackered old aircraft and the legroom was utterly ridiculous, I thought Ryanair/EasyJet were bad for legroom but this was on another level, some rows had so little legroom an adult of any size physically couldn't fit, literally just enough for a child and even then, they wouldn't be comfortable. We chose Monarch because they flew to the 'proper' Barcelona airport, but with hindsight, the extra time traveling from what Ryanair call Barcelona airport would have resulted in a more comfortable journey.
  4. WiFi extension

    Sky Q sorted out our wifi issues, did the same at my parents (very large) house. Creates a wireless ‘mesh’ but not sure if the same thing Mac is talking about? Every Sky product, so Q box, Q mini boxes, Sky router and if you need it, the little signal repeater box (neither myself nor my parents needed one) works as part of the WiFi network spreading the signal right around your home, and of course it means you get TV wherever in house you want it with no wires whatsoever. I appreciate it isn’t exactly what you were asking about, but it’s a solution that has worked very well for us so thought i’d mention it.
  5. Uber lose Private Hire licence

    Well their existing licence expires at the end of the month, however, they'll be allowed to continue operating through the appeals process, which could potentially be years, but likely to be months. That said, when the French revoked their licence in Paris they ignored it and carried on working, paying drivers fines for them if they got caught, now the fines come with jail time they can't serve that for their drivers so less are taking the risk and they're pretty much done. The problem with the argument that they don't vet their drivers is that if you were to take any company of their size (40,000 employees/drivers (delete as appropriate) in London alone) you'll find a few rapists/murderers/whatever, so it's not really a fair comparison to compare them to Joe Bloggs Cabs with ten drivers, I doubt they have any more 'wronguns' as a percentage of their drivers than anyone else. As I said, I suspect some small concessions will be made by Uber and their licence will be granted, whether the damage is done or not in the eyes of the public already au can't answer, I know that I wouldn't personally use them having seen some of their business practices but each to their own.
  6. Just reported on the news that TFL have declined to renew Uber's Private Hire licence on the grounds of public safety. Personally I don't think this will be the end of Uber in the U.K., I imagine Uber will appeal and make some concessions to address the issues and all will carry on as before.
  7. The £1k mobile phone

    I never put anything in my back pockets so that's not the cause, just normal day to day use, rarely even in my front pocket, only if I'm going out drinking and even then they aren't skinny jeans so the pockets aren't tight, I really wouldn't suit skinny jeans!! As I mentioned, the side actually has a kink in it now that bends out from the phone slightly right by the volume buttons, I've tapped it back in flat before with a small piece of wood and lightly tapping with a hammer, but it pops back out again after a day or two of bending!
  8. The £1k mobile phone

    Never sat on mine either and it's always lived in a case with a screen protector, hopefully they fixed the issue on the 6s but my 6 is almost Z shaped, it's been bent back so many times now, tend to notice it when I put it down on a flat surface and it wobbles like a chair with one short leg! Still works fine though, except for the battery, not sure about the conspiracy thing as batteries do degrade after time/ number of charging cycles, never noticed it in anything else but then nothing else I own gets used quite as much.
  9. The £1k mobile phone

    You won't want mine, it would be immaculate if it wasn't for the fact it's been bent so many times, and bent back straight again it's got a kink in the metal on the side now, also, according to battery testing apps my battery now only charges to 55% of it's original capacity, which explains the random shut downs and shocking battery life which can be as little as half and hour from 100% charge depending on what you are doing. I have ordered a replacement battery from Amazon which will hopefully solve the issue but I think my son has got dibs on it. The moral of that story I guess is don't buy an iPhone 6, they bend.
  10. The £1k mobile phone

    Well there you go, never knew you could do that, sometimes the terminals positions are even awkward to hold you finger on the reader, problem solved!
  11. The £1k mobile phone

    How does Apple Pay work without the fingerprint scanner? Do you have to use the face scanner to pay for stuff? Could be a pain in the arse with fixed terminals that aren't pointing at your face.
  12. The £1k mobile phone

    I'll not be queueing up at Apples door, but I will get an X in the month or two after release, Mrs T says she'll be happy with the 8 so she'll get one of those. As A_B says, current exchange rate means you could pick it up for around £750 in the US so that's what I may do, pretty annoying Apple just switch the $ sign to a £ one but they aren't the first to do that and won't be the last, but at that price it isn't much more than an 8 anyway (at U.K. Price), won't bother stretching to the 256GB one though, 64 will be more than enough.
  13. Opinions on Virgin Media.

    Yes I've signed up to the VIP loyalty thing, got our free DVD and whatever else it was. Every now and again Sky give away DVD's anyway, I normally get something come up from friends on Facebook who keep an eye on the various deals websites, we've had about 4 free DVD's in the last year where you do the buy and keep thing, you download the film straight away, and they also post you the DVD, just comes up with the price as £0.00 and you purchase as normal.
  14. Opinions on Virgin Media.

    I don't think that's a bad deal to be honest, basically what I pay minus the multi room, not sure how I got away without paying that, maybe because I was one of the early adopters of Q? My contract runs out in the next couple of months I think, so will be interesting to see if I have to actually cancel and wait for the 50% offer or if they'll just give it to me over the phone, it might just pop up in the 'my offers' section of account details on the box though, seems to happen to a lot of people.
  15. Opinions on Virgin Media.

    I paid a one off fee for the Q mini boxes, I don't pay any monthly multi room fee. Sky Q is simply the replacement for the old Sky+ HD boxes, they are pretty long in the tooth these days and very old tech now, there are two Q boxes (excluding the mini boxes), the normal 1tb box which doesn't give you 4K UHD, or the 2tb which does. The whole fluid viewing thing is a bit of a gimmick in general and I never use the 'My Q' page of the menu, however it is handy to be able to watch any recording from any other box. For example, on the old Sky+ boxes, if you had multi-room each box recorded whatever you asked it to, and you could only watch those recordings on that respective box, with Q it's all recorded on the main box, and you can play back on any box anywhere in the house, or on your iPad or whatever, also means no whiring Sky+ box in the bedroom making irritating noises all night, the mini boxes are silent. Sky are keen to do deals, I'm paying £78/month for everything, unlimited broadband, phone with unlimited calling, full TV package, My parents just moved house and I negotiated a new Sky Q set up in their new house, they have always had the full package and were previously paying £120/month on Sky+HD, they now have Q with 50% off that price for the same package.