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    Married-I have a 10 year old daughter - and what's left of my hair is grey


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    brown belt karate instructor (sempai)
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    I build,restore and service swimming pools
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    58 audi A4 cabriolet 1.8T in black, that some **** hit and drove off, 3 days after we bought it!
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    Just been converted to the Audi, after being in the Lexus stable for 6 years with an IS200 and then an IS300
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    Also own a Toyota Hi-ace that I use for work
  1. Flynn Wet Dream

    Yellow pages more like ;-)
  2. Novel way of avoiding door dings !

    or someone else pulls them off and chucks them in their boot
  3. Puzzled

  4. And i'm sorry but the Disco just does nothing for me (looks wise)
  5. we had a Q5 on loan and we liked it, but because they haven't been out that long they were a bit out of our price range for one with a few toys in, I'll be honest the Subaru never even entered my mind i'm afraid, and i didn't know the XC70 and the 90 were different. the one thing i also found was on all of them except the Q7 was the fact that they all have full lenght floor lift up thingys so if there is anything in the back it has to be removed before you can lift the thingy up and accesss the floor well, and we have a large dog crate in the back, in the Q7 it sits over the 6th and 7th seat allowing us access to the well which is handy for all the dog stuff.
  6. a big NO to the volvo as her business partner has just bought a XC70 and she dont like it, says it looks ugly and the trim is very plasticky which is why it didn't make the top 4 She is also saying now that (as we spend a lot of time in Cornwall) that the Range Rover sport looks like a farm vechicle, so i think its down to just the 3 now
  7. I have the following number plate for sale A4 UUM (on a retention cert) £750.00 please PM if intrested cheers Rob
  8. 12-15 mpg sh17 the bed! I'd told the wife we will get approx 30-35 mpg from a Q7 3.0TDI, and almost 30 from the 4.2 you can probably tell from this, that i dont let the missus on this forum, best not to worry her
  9. White or Black A7 ?

    Ibis for me too
  10. Sorry, not really looked at Touaregs only thing i know about them is that they look very similar to the Cayenne
  11. Porsche will be either the 3.2 or the 3.6 Range Rover will be either the 2.7 or the 3.0 and the BMW will be the 3.0 sport the Q7 that we are now probably not getting is the 3.0 TDI Limited Edition
  12. now it looks certain that we are going to walk away from the Q7 (re other thread) we spent all day yesterday looking at other title contenders after visiting Audi Brentford (west london) BMW Brentford (dont know if BMW call it their west london branch) Land Rover Guildford Porsche Guildford We did'nt test drive any of the cars but the only one that seemed to tick all the boxes was the Porsche, and was also the most helpfull and friendly. we have a budget of around 25-27k so we are looking at one around 3-5 years old with approx 40-50,000 miles any that i should steer well clear of?
  13. Help needed

    just got it Booster thanks, I really love the car but i think we're gonna walk
  14. Help needed

    unbe****inglievable just got a phone call from Audi Walton to say they took the car down to their compound to clean it ready for our tuesday pick up........and someone has reversed into it and cracked the rear bumper and they cant fit a new one untill sat Is someone trying to tell us something
  15. Help needed

    not really its from Audi walton, but in the last 10 minutes we have been told we can collect tue am, so we'll wait and see