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  1. BMW Wheel Laquer Issue

    Yes 4 would be better and they said they would push for 4 but not hopeful. The one that is left with no problem was a wheel that was replaced when the car was purchased. It had a scuff on it so they replaced it from another car and its this one that has no problems. I'm more than happy with getting 3 replaced.
  2. BMW Wheel Laquer Issue

    It's been in to the dealers today for some sort of software update (wifes car she took it in). Along with the software update and a new led light switch on the vanity sunblind mirror, 3 new wheels have been ordered for the car. The wifes first experiance with the service/aftersales team and she was very impressed (and she is hard to please). Defects in the laquer detected in 3 wheels so going to be replaced without any issue.
  3. BMW Wheel Laquer Issue

    Thanks for that Peter, makes perfect sence. Car was a few months old when purchased with 6k miles on clock.
  4. BMW Wheel Laquer Issue

    Thorne ??
  5. BMW Wheel Laquer Issue

    It's just on one wheel aswell....just weird.
  6. Photo of your bike ...

    Bought this MSX 125 for a run around and back and forward to work. I have changed and added loads on it already....tailtidy with mini indicators, full exhaust system, bellypan, YSS shock, mirrors. Its great to ride around in traffic and is quick acceleration but would be limited above 60 traffic.
  7. BMW Wheel Laquer Issue

    Has anyone had problems whith wheel laquer on their BMW. Got a 62 plate 3 Series and the laquar is simply peeling off. I dont and haven't used any kind of wheel cleaner on them. The only product that has been on them is Dodo Juice Supernatural Hybrid to seal them, so that is not the issue.
  8. Another barn find - This time a DB5

    I'v been to the resturaunt right next to that place for a meal and noticed like a big dealer sign at the road but didn't look like a garage. Always meant to look it up.
  9. Another barn find - This time a DB5

    That looks amazing. If I was to win proper serious money I would restore classics like this as a hobby That will look awesome when that blue paint is restored.
  10. MK Meet - Weds 6th Feb

    Very nice indeed. Coupes are the best looking and would be my first choice. We have forsaken also and have a 320d sport saloon arriving next week. Will be the first RWD we've owned so wondering what it's ging to be like in the winter.
  11. MK Meet - Weds 6th Feb

    What's your current motor Garc ?
  12. Very nice indeed cabby, nice spec
  13. Need a new lid ?

    Looks awesome
  14. 7'50 'ring lap with on board gyro camera

    That front wheel didn't come down till 140
  15. 7'50 'ring lap with on board gyro camera

    AWESOME !! Gets me excited watching stuff like this on bikes and brings back amazing memories. Havn't had a bike for years now but that reminds me of hooning around country roads scaring the sh1te out of ordinary road users (i wouldn't be an idiot like that now). After traveling at top speeds on the likes of Fireblades and GSXR's I could always remember that slowing down to 80 or 90 seemed very safe and felt more like 30 or 40. Very deceptive and very dangerous !