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    Yeah, I have the removable cup holder as well, but just the one. It's enough for me, the only thing I drink (or allow, beverage wise) in the car are those bottled 'sports drinks' with the kind of top you don't have to unscrew. They close very well, and you can even store them in the door bin f.i. (Also they taste very well, and the isotonic stuff doesn't give you a full feeling. Quite convenient on long trips...)
  2. VW Phaeton foot pedals

    Cheers Matt, great info! Prices aren't to steep either, certainly for VAG (Audi) standards... I'm a tad surprised about the prices TBH. Not to question you or anything, but these prices/nrs are for the Alu version? Methinks they'd look very nice in the S8...
  3. New upholstery, now what...

    Not sure about the machined aluminium on the console, I rather like the dark colour wood. (Perhaps real carbon if I happened to come across a complete set). As to the Audi or S8 logo, that might be a nice touch, if done subtle, like the Bentley. (no red methinks, just embossed or stitched in the same colour). If I feel a bit better I'll drive up to the upholsterers later this week to have a chat...
  4. VW Phaeton foot pedals

    Someone on a local forum suggested that the Alu VW Phaeton pedals should fit the S8/A8. Seems a cool mod to have some 'TT style' foot pedals in OE quality. Anyone any experience with this mod? Obviously, it's about the gas, brake and footrest. I'd like to be sure it fits before ordering anything. BTW, anyone with a younger etka who can check out part nrs and prices for me? TIA!
  5. Button out of sync!!

    You mean on the Nav+ itself as shown here rather than the buttons on the console itself? I'm afraid in that case the navi needs to come out first... The other ones are rather easy to replace, as said. This I'm not so sure...
  6. EPS is still going strong! See for phone nrs on their (Dutch) website. Think I was the first to do this mod here, Botang followed shortly thereafter. I think we'r both still very satisfied with the results! Here's the old thread FYI. Meanwhile others have done a similar mod in the UK. I'm sure they'll be happy to share their experiences. And don't forget about the X-crossover...

    In the facelift models there's the menu button next to the front cupholder. Maybe that doesn't exist (there) in the pre-facelift models? I have two in the back as well, in the back armrest (front) lid.
  8. Audi A8 Remote Start - Can This Be Added?

    The links & part nrs I posted are for the Webasto diesel/petrol heaters. New quite expensive, used not that much money anymore...
  9. Wet Carpets - but something different

    Suppose you already checked this topic on Audipages? (starts with the interior drains, scroll down for more)
  10. bonnet insulation - what does it do?

    I'm with Ska on the cool air intake. That's where you might gain some power, not by removing the insulation. I'd leave that in place, not only for sound dampening, but there is certainly a degree of truth in the fact that it might affect your paint. It won't melt the paint, but it might discolour, fade or give clear coat failure in the long run. Ask any detailer about heat affecting paint...

    Indeed, the water issue at the boot lid, and a (better) drain near the firewall under the bonnet, so the water doesn't get trapped there if the car isn't completely level. Same thing with the mirrors; they always drip and leave a water trail after you just washed and dried your car... -No areal (the GPS can stay). -Full auto bootlid open and close (high on my wishlist! Mod ideas anyone?) -Same deal with the doors... (power close would be kinda cool..) -Umbrella in the door á la RR -Starter button instead of key -Twin Turbo's...
  12. New upholstery, now what...

    It does have a certain je ne sais quoi that diamond stitch, no? Thanks for the input, keep em coming guys...
  13. New upholstery, now what...

    I should have mentioned that off course.... Duh! The Alcantara on the doors will be replaced as well (I'm now thinking leather below, and Alcantara in the top bit, where the door handle sits). The leather bits on the seats will stay. The pillars will be reupholstered as well, and - as you know - they go all the way along the roof lining... so maybe the roof will be redone as well (if we can't match the colour properly). The colours will for practical reasons be limited to grey and black, since all the bits and bobs, carpet etc. are either grey or black. (Yup, cognac & black would be nice too, but too impracticable/costly to redo the whole interior). Options are leather and/or Alcantara, maybe with the diamond stitch (DBS style or Bentley style). We could go for grey inserts, but perhaps a anthracite insert would be cool as well? (imho grey is more classy, black/anthracite more sporty). I wouldn't go for full leather in the OE configuration, I find it a bit clinical. Hence my preference for Alcantara®. (Also more grippy and comfortable). That said, having seen the Bentley seats, I could be persuaded to go for leather - in this pattern or something like it. Decisions, decisions...
  14. Cheers Guys! As before; just a damp, white, soft tea towel with some lukewarm water. Nothing else. That's always worked well. No more dodgy chemicals touching the Alcantara here... Thats also the advice of the Alcantara® manufacturer.
  15. New Pads

    IMHO Brembo is the better choice here, that's also OE fitment on the Audi S8. A friend of mine also had a bunch of trouble with his EBC discs & pads. Warping, vibrating, pads being worn in little time...