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  1. iPhone 4 Cradle

    Here it is! iPhone 4 cradle with p/n 8T0 051 435 F!
  2. Retrofitting OEM park assist A4 B7

    Hi guys! this is propably the forth post regarding this, but I really need some help here and I am sorry for being so persistent... Dave have you ever retrofitted OEM park assist? is it hard too get the cable mesh from the boot to the front? Apart from the insrument cluster where else can I get the Conv CAN signals and t25 and t30? My car never had park assist (OEM at least) where are the locations of beeper mountings? Anyone with ElsaWin Diagrams? Missing from mine... Again I am sorry for so many questions! I realy need some help here... Thanks in advance!
  3. Retrofit full PDC and canbus

    Hi! I know is been long time since you did this, but I am willing to do it too. I have bought allmost everything apart from the bumbers. I would like to know a few things: where are the beepes located? (Front and rear - any pictures? where are the mounting points) where is the controller located - any pictures where are the mounting points? are there any pictures retrofitting it? and last but not least where do you pass through the cables? (from interior to exterior and engine compartment to interior?) thanks My car is an A4 1.8T Quattro B7 Vasilis