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  1. Sky broadband

    I use it and it's cool. I get 6.7mbits and in about three months I've had 2 evenings where the connection kept going down. I've been recommending it to my mates.
  2. Seen a Really nice W8

    Get it.
  3. changing the gear gaiter

    When I did it the entire thing came as one piece. Unclip the bottom and unscrew the lot, replace it. Give your dealer a call. The price might have gone up, but they'll be able to tell you. Do you know the cost Mulkbear?
  4. 39 Megapixel camera

    Nice. I want one. And all those people who say that they're pointless etc. I bet you all have the equivelent resolution in five years time.
  5. changing the gear gaiter

    Or simply buy the lot from the dealer for about £15. Remove it and put the new one on. Easy. I did it a year or so since, I wouldn't bother going to all that effort when the new ones aren't that dear. By the time you've bought glue and leather you might as well.
  6. Squeaky breaks

    did you give the pads an easy couple of hundred miles? You should wear them in gently.
  7. DEP is part of Windows. Why would you disable it, it's nothing to do with Sky? I think you might have crossed wires, or I have readin it.
  8. tyre pressure should be on a sticker on the inside of the petrol cap for quick reference. Also, buying brighter or odd coloured lights is often ilegal. They are often sold with the "For show use only" disclaimer becuase they are dangerous when shining in drivers eyes. I believe proper xenons have to autolevel so that they don't dazzle other drivers.
  9. Quiet PC case?

    is it quiet then?
  10. Temperature gauge

    I've had the same thing this last week. Who was the dealer that did it for £30? Was it a VW garage or an independant?
  11. Doggystyle

    So what did the original post say?
  12. This says it all........

    It wouldn't be the first time this has caused upset on the forum. Stick with chav's nobody likes them.
  13. One Liners

    two men are looking through a shop window at tele's, the first bloke says "That's the one I'd get" and then a cyclops walked round the corner and kicked the poo out of him.
  14. Unbadged VWs

    When I bought mine some comedian had "taken the P" so it said 'assat'. I asked the dealer to remove the rest of it and not bother putting another on. I was tempted to drve it with the word 'ass' on the back but then thought better of it.
  15. I've told him about it but he's changed his mind again. Thanks anyway.