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  1. What would you do.....?

    Away from home at the moment but will be back soon and will stick a few up. Have a couple of the little one sitting on it on my mobile so will post those up in a sec........
  2. What would you do.....?

    Glad to think it wasn't just me being precious! I wasn't able to buff it due to it being matte paint - i.e. you can't polish it. Good news is I spoke to Datatag and they told me that they have changed the chemical make-up of the 'invisible' etching fluid so it shows like this initially but it fades away after a wash or two. With that knowledge in hand I raised it with the dealer before touching it but then washed the bike a few times and it faded circa 80%. A tiny bit of panel wipe later and you now can't see the etching at all. Might be nice if they pointed this out at the time of delivery though or if Datatag updated their website! On gloss paint I think it would probably be easier as you could just give it a polish and watch it vanish. Cheers
  3. What would you do.....?

    Hello all - long time, no post! Hope everyone is well. I took delivery of a 959 Corse on Friday and tucked her away safely in the garage. My first chance to get out and fit some parts was Sunday but whilst doing so I noticed that the dealer had fitted a Datatag kit. Not something I asked for but I understand that it might be something that Ducati fit on all new bikes. I've had Datatag on most of my bikes and some I have fitted myself and others have been fitted by dealers. Both on dealer fitted kits and where I have done it myself, the UV etching is always done on the inside of the panels. However on my bike (with matte paint) it has been done on the outside of every panel and the tank. I don't know if it is due to the paint finish but the end result is hugely visible to the naked eye and the markings are in places that it is very easy to see. I'm not happy with it. But I wanted to check what other people think as I can sometimes be more 'picky' with new things than other people are. I could really do without a disagreement with the dealer about it but they have made a right mess of things imho. Couple of quick pictures attached so you can see how visible the markings are. Thoughts?
  4. F1 2017

    ^ This!
  5. Wopps 918

    Do you remember when we used to think Bazza was a ba5tard for buying a GTR? This takes ba5tardness to a whole new dimension Fair play to you mate, this will be incredible. Hope I get to see some of the fleet at Silverstone this year
  6. MT-10

    What a weapon!
  7. Wopps 918

    Nice to see you back to say hello Sam *thumbs up*
  8. Wopps 918

    An FF with Novitec pipes - hell yes!! Time to roll out my favourite YT video again.... Turn those speakers up and enjoy
  9. Almost a new biker....

    Bazza - if you haven't sorted this, drop me a PM. I have close ties to MCE and may well be able to get you hooked up.
  10. 3/4 bed villa in Orlando

    All booked now - went for a place in Windsor Hills after the advice on here and looking at some other stuff online. Many thanks all. Just need to start the planning for the trip itself now!
  11. 3/4 bed villa in Orlando

    As I suspected, it's a bit much just for the three of us. Thanks for checking though and would/will be great if a gang of us go
  12. 3/4 bed villa in Orlando

    Thanks guys - that's a great start for me to start having a more focused search. Being close enough to come in and out during a day and pop in for the fireworks is a great point. Cheers Thanks CM - could you ask for prices in June? Might be a bit rich with how large it is but I may as well ask! Thanks in advance.
  13. 3/4 bed villa in Orlando

    We've decided to take the little one to Disney in June before she starts school. Flights are all booked so just need to find some digs now. We'd prefer to stay in a villa rather than a hotel but there are so many that choosing one seems a bit of a minefield. Everything is laid out in gated developments ('communities') and whilst lots of the villas look great it's hard to choose one with no idea on what the individual communities are like. I don't mind a bit of a journey (up to 30 mins) into the parks each day if it means staying somewhere that I know is going to be nice. Is anyone able to recommend a particular area or better still, a particular community/development that they know to be good? Cheers
  14. Just saying hello

    Welcome Steve