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  1. Newb Introduction - //M535i

    Hi Lagoo, I stil have the E46 323i SE (the other half drives that now), and I still love it. It's definitely the best allrounder I've ever owned, but it does feel a little short on grunt after the 535! Too different to compare, the E28 is much more interesting and involving, that's for sure!
  2. Newb Introduction - //M535i

    When you consider I picked it up for less than I sold my other half's '96 fiesta for, it certainly seems good value!
  3. Hi all, just introducing myself as a new member. Just got myself an '85 E28 //M535i as a plaything (although I use it everyday for commuting!) - wanted something old and interesting to drive having owned E36 and E46 3ers in the last few years. My particular car began life as a standard 535i with the dogleg close ratio 'box. It was then modified to full M535i spec mechanically and M5 spec externally. Other mods are strut brace, momo wheel, cusom stainless steel exhaust. It did have 17" ACS Type III reps but these looked too out of place on a car of this age, so they are now up for sale (see classifieds if interested) and I've now fitted some old E31 wheels which look much more traditional. Anyway, that's my story!