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  1. Hello Gang, Merry Christmas to you all! My daughter called to say a tyre monitoring system failure warning came up in the dash. It's gone off Now, what's the Tyresmoke advice pleasey?
  2. Extra Training

    Old I know, but worth opening the debate about training the advantages of a higher level of training as winter draws closer:
  3. I've bought something orange!

    Nice bike! We used to have a regular on The BCR (a rideout) who had The Beast version of that and I have to say it was terrifying! The noise and speed as he passed me down the straights. My poor old xr600 would be almost blown off the road! How's the bike been since Feb?
  4. Unable to SORN - Help needed

    I have had issues trying to SORN 2 of my vehicles over the last 4 months. Fines have been issued and I'll be invoicing the DVLA for my time. Has anyone else had issues with the website and automated phone system and the long numbers printed on their documentation? Thanks, Sneaky
  5. Wheelie To Die For....

    There's a time and a place. Unfortunately if you ride like a Dick you're likely to die like a Dick (live by the sword). I'm not sure how close he cut in front of the bike he'd just overtaken, that bike would likely have been accelerating too. The dead rider was on the chevrons probably covering his tyres in sh1t. He knew he'd just passed a copper, that copper was controlling traffic which could have been at an event so cool or cold tyres could be an factor. So did he apply any common sense to his actions? Was he really intending to wheelie past the bikes in front (through the gap between them and the on coming traffic)? If I were one of those bikes ahead and he wheelied through that gap he could expect a kick in the nuts at the next stop! Fortunately he didn't take anyone else out with him, he could have punted someone else into the path of an on coming vehicle. Can you imagine what the poor van driver (and family) is probably still going through... A year or so ago I did actually stop a ride I was on after about 15-20mins cause of that kind of riding. I had my 11-12yr old son on the back ppl were riding stupidly around us like this bloke
  6. Wow

    Audi Drivers or drivers per se? I had at least 4-5 Audi's! Sorry if this video has been aired before, but....
  7. Friggin'ell!

    Heyyy, how are you?
  8. Friggin'ell!

    Yup any excuse for a plug!
  9. Friggin'ell!

    Hey P Yes I have been a stranger. How's things?
  10. Friggin'ell!

    A 996 apparently?
  11. Friggin'ell!

    Hey Ian! How are you?
  12. Friggin'ell!

    Got a message from a mate yesterday apologising that he's not been in touch. He goes on to say he bought a sports car and had a bit of a spill in it! Answers on a post card as to what car this was!
  13. So, Valencia then...

    Would The Doctor have any tyres left after trying to catch the leaders?
  14. Cool bike vids

    Wow! B-)
  15. 2015 Riding season

    I only ever really do THE BCR now.