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  1. Sky+ HD, automatic updating and shutdown?

    Im very supprised that the box updated while you were watching TV!
  2. xbox360 - 4gb or 250gb?

    Don't bother with the 4GB, its a waste of time. You need a HDD, for the sheer amount of downloadable content, but also various games (Halo, Call of Duty, etc) have features that don't work with a proper HDD.
  3. To be fair, there has only been a handful of films made properly for 3D. Most of the "3D" films are just digitally altered to add 3D effect, and look dire as a result. Its a massive expense, and change of mindset for the movie industry, and from everything i've seen, they just can't be bothered. Which is a shame. Which seems to be the polar opposite of the gaming industry, who seem to embrasing it, especially PC gaming. Its a shame that the 360/PS3 don't really have enough grunt for 3D. I'd wager the next generation of Sony/Microsoft consoles will be 3D, and i'll most definitely change my TV & gaming monitor for 3D at that point.
  4. Window Tinting ?

    I was very impressed with the quality, they look far better than the stupid square blinds you get everywhere. I have one that doesn't fit 100%, but thats because someone has taken the rear window surround out at some point, and not put it back in perfect alignment. There was a group buy on another forum i frequent, and everyone seems happy, so i hope you will be.
  5. Window Tinting ?

    Why do you want them tinted? purely for cosmetic reasons? I took the cheap option with my A6, ad got a set of These. Look good, makes the car look tinted, easily removable, more UV protection for Snail Jr, keep sun out of his eyes, and about 1/3 the cost of tinting.
  6. White or Black A7 ?

    Both look stunning, alhough both would have to lose the chrome grill and window surrounds, before i was happy. The less severe privacy glass on the black one will make parking a lot easier.
  7. So basically its a normal 5 series, with different skirts all around the bottom, different alloys, and the M side vents. Not very exciting.
  8. 2005- Audi A6 3.0/2.7 tdi owners....

    A6 2004 | Audi | Car Reviews | Honest John When i was looking at A6s, i was told the only really bad thing about the 2005+ shape A6s was the 2.0tdi engine, which has some reliability issues. The bigger diesel engines were much better.
  9. The A6 Avant

    Looks pretty dull to me, just like a passat. I'd take a 5 or E class over it looks wise.
  10. Get out of the fast lane!

    I though Americans could happily drive in any lane?
  11. NYC Motorshow: All-New Subaru Impreza

    I always wonder why they just cant make a good looking Impreza. The first couple were pretty, even the dull ones, but since the bug eye'd version, there hasn't really been a looker. I know they get a lot more purposeful and aggressive once they are STI/WRX'd up, but surely if they start with a looker, it can only get better?
  12. Apple vs Samsung

    Im sure i read an article recently, that showed Apple were moving around frequently for flash suppliers, to keep getting better and better prices. I cant imagine they have any sort of supplier loyalty, its all about the money. Therefore as long as Samsung are the cheapest, i don't think Apple will care. It just means Apple will be giving them money with one hand, and taking with the other.
  13. New New Beetle

    When i look down the side of that car, i keep thinking TT, and i cant think why. Certainly looks a bit more manly than the last car.
  14. Pure Tech Racing

    Theres a center like this in Chandlers Ford that i've been to a couple of times. The one i used, was basically on a PC game from a couple of years ago. After the first 5 minutes of being underwhelmed by the graphics and sound, you really do start to enjoy the experience. I play *lots* of driving games on the xbox, and its a completely different experience. The simulator is leagues ahead of console games, and has spent years being tweaked to be more and more realisitic. You'll be very supprised how time flys, and how mentally challenging it is. You really do get competitive, you forget its a game. I say go for it, i've certainly been to my local place about 4 times, including a stint at 3am, during a 24hour race marathon.
  15. Errrm Dad. I've scratched the car !

    How on earth would you lose control of something like that, at 50mph? Unless it was on slicks, in the wet. He was blatantly doing far more than the speed limit!