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  1. Allroad C5 air suspension

    That's very kind of you all to get back to me with your advice; I might well look at the diesel option.
  2. Allroad C5 air suspension

    Good afternoon. I am looking at buying a relatively low mileage '03 Allroad 2.7t petrol. Now whilst I know it is going to be a little on the thirsty side my main concern is the reliability of the air suspension bladders and the likely hood of any of them failing. Is there any particular maintenance one can carry out to increase longevity or is it just 'one of those things'? Thank you.
  3. A8 creaking steering rack

    Many thanks for the advise. I will have a look and see it that rectifies the issue.
  4. A8 creaking steering rack

    Good afternoon all. My '02 A8 with 83,000 on the clock has developed a rather loud creaking noise when turning the steering wheel. There is no play in the steering and it handles fine but the creaking is really annoying. Interestingly it seems more prevelant in warmer weather/when the car had warmed up. it doesn't happen first thing in the morning. I appreciate that it's probably down to some worn bushes in the steering rack but would be interested to hear if anyone has had the same experience. Is it an expensive fix and am I likely to be heading for the next ditch as the steering fails? Thanks in advance.
  5. Busted!

    So, after 20 months of sporting German style number plates a friend of mine has just been busted by the police and told he has 7 days to get some legal plates on the car. Having checked the specification with the DVLA the characters are only a couple of millimeters out from their recommendations. The plate is perfectly legible so do you think he should leave it until he gets stopped again and then take issue over their legality? Also, as it was only a verbal request with no paperwork issued does that still constitute a formal warning and if the plates are still on in a fortnight's time would he still be able to prosecute without written proof that the driver had already been warned?
  6. Maserati Granturismo (with pic)

    A friend of mine has one in very dark metallic grey with the bordeaux interior; very classy. Would look better if one didn't have to put a number plate on the front.
  7. Snow chains

    This may be a stupid question but is one not supposed to fit snow chains to anything other than 205 section 16" or 17" tyres as it says in my handbook?
  8. Wheel scrub

    Good afternoon all. I have noticed with my TTQS that when I am manoeuvring say in a car park at full lock or close to, I have noticed that the front tyres apear to be scrubbing. The tread depth is even alround so should I be worrying or is it just 'one of those things'?
  9. Land Rover Defender 90

    Just as a point of interest, I spotted a Haynes manual the other day for a series III; IIRC it spanned 1955 to 1985 What other model can claim that life span?
  10. Range Rover Sport Coupe anyone?

    Taken from The Daily Telegraph motoring section review of the Audi A5: a coupé is properly and literally defined as a cut-down (and thus sportier) derivative of a four-door saloon. That'll do for me
  11. Range Rover Sport Coupe anyone?

    Why is it that there seems to be a tendency these days to call any car with two doors a coupe? My understanding of such is where an original saloon design has been re-modled and literally 'cut' to give a more sloping roof design and thus the removal of the rear passenger doors. Strictly speaking my TT is not a coupe as it was not formed from a saloon car. (unless you count its lineage to the Golf as such )
  12. Window seal

    Thanks for the link but I think I'll try the rubber seal before dismantling the whole door. Thanks
  13. Window seal

    I'd be surprised if this hasn't come up before, I did have a search but couldn't find anything. Anyway, on my Mk I TT coupe the off-side window has started to make a noise at motorway speeds. It's particularly bad if I've had the window down and then put the window up whilst driving; it doesn't seem to fit back in properly and makes a wind noise which is a bit annoying. Any ideas for a cure? Thanks
  14. Stolen speed camera

    Pity it wasn't a couple of months earlier, then my Dad wouldn't have been caught on it; numpty, he grives past it at least once a week
  15. Another one for Ari

    [ QUOTE ] So. The world owes a debt of gratitude to the women of Coventry for their contribution to astrophysics then... [/ QUOTE ] DK that must rate as one of the best riposts I've seen on here in a long time!