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  1. New pants please

    It certainly did, as it was hit by the lorry, that caused it to break........ Oh, sorry you meant brake......
  2. New pants please

    Simple mistake if he isn't used to it
  3. New pants please

    Why the feck they made absolutely no attempt to slow or pull over completely defies belief, also how they managed to get there. To get a caravan the wrong way onto a motorway from the roundabout to the entry slip road must have taken a 20 point turn! The death of 3 people too such a waste......
  4. Untaxed car clamped

    That is disgraceful! Hopefully it was worth something to the ex-owner to make the pain stick with them!
  5. Untaxed car clamped

    I think that is shocking! On a lighter note, hopefully the car and its contents are worth some money as he has now lost it, after all he can't tax it until it is MOTd and he can't MOT it until he has paid the tax, chicken....egg.... TBH before that point I would more than likely have lost the struggle with my conscience & dobbed the owner in anyway, based on the principle that what if he hit someone? Unfortunately to now try to prove "driving without insurance" is probably pretty much impossible.
  6. Untaxed car clamped

    To enable the car to be taxed it will need to be MOTd & insured, so obviously that can't happen as he would need to tax it to take it for an MOT but can't do that. I would like to think when its full history comes/came to light, they would indeed inform the Rozzers.
  7. Daniel Ricciardo to leave Red Bull

    I suspect he also didn't want a Honda donkey engine in the car too.
  8. RS3 - Saloon!

    Yes, he is one of the few people who falls into the category - Would not get p!ssed off with jumping on his face!
  9. Guy Martin & Coulthard F1 Special

    He is a competitive animal on the top of his game, a set back like that will hit him hard, either way, love/loathe him, he did an amazing job to come back to be in the points, never mind on the podium, back off!
  10. All racing team manager's say "never take out your team-mate". However it seems that there is a caveat in that........ "Unless you take the rest of the field out at the same time".....
  11. Red Bull decides on Honda F1 engine switch

    I don't think they had any choice did they? Reno pretty much said get stuffed to an extension of the contract as early as when they bought Lotus & Maca said they were losing Honda to go Reno.
  12. RS3 - Saloon!

    Did the same with a new M5 & e39 shaped M5 recently & the differences are startlingly small.
  13. GLC 63S

    But don't all 4x4s fall over at roundabouts above 5mph anyway? Certainly most 4x4 drivers seem to think so.
  14. RS3 - Saloon!

    He can't help the fact that he was brought up as a VAG-slag.......... At least he has been open enough to be brought back into the light.
  15. Roof Bars Conundrum

    I have used a roof box on an e39 530 Sport before & aside of a little more body roll I didn't notice it was there.