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  1. Replacement LCD Kitchen TV

    Thanks for the comments and advice - MrsTP 'blagged' a display Samsung 22" TV at a discount, set up already and very good quality, compared to the Sony it has replaced. Original cheap idea of a Logik was not a good option after all!!
  2. Afternoon all! I'm looking for a suggestion (s) for a replacement TV for the Kitchen - 22" to 24", with in-built Freeview and a decent sound quality (if that's possible with a budget style TV like this). It'll be set on the worktop surface (wired to an external roof aerial) and nothing too grand, likely ceiling budget c.£200. Any thoughts from those of you that know about these things? TP.
  3. Stolen - Golf GTD - A13 RHG

    Likewise - not a pleasant experience for Ross - hope it gets found.
  4. Massive crash, BlancPain GT 2015 at Misano

    Every cloud has a happy ending - or is that the wrong saying.......!
  5. We Buy Any Car

    Made my Sunday evening - great Post !!!!
  6. Brilliant !!! (Can you actually get Insurance in China.........!!).
  7. Justin Wilson IndyCar accident

    Seconded - just goes to reaffirm that Motorsport will always be dangerous - tragic.
  8. This joker was behind me in traffic today.

    You must have frightened him - his face is as white as a sheet !!
  9. Love this advert

    I agree - anyway, 21st Century women keep that area well trimmed nowadays anyway, so the suggestion of the wine glass representing a 'bush' is irrelevant !!
  10. Mk8 GTi - For Riz

    Has that now featured in AutoExpress too!?
  11. Mk8 GTi - For Riz

    Corrected, for ease !!
  12. Jules Bianchi

    A sad update for this Saturday morning - tragic accident, may he RIP.
  13. Sniff does Audi A4 Aero

    Me too - brilliantly funny!!!
  14. mk3 TT-S

    Lovely car and a good write up - enjoy!!
  15. A cock

    I am now absolutely convinced that the inside lane of any duel carriageway has been laid expressly for me. I rarely have any traffic to contend with as all other drivers are in their own outside lane, jammed nose to tail leaving me free to enjoy an open road surface.