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  1. Kwik Fit fitters are a bunch of tricky f****ers

    If I did that I'd be paying more. I'm lucky that my local place is not only the best for service, but also the best for price
  2. How to tell your an idiot

    Nope. Read it again, particularly the "your letting" bit
  3. Fear the cleaning bill...?
  4. I've just got to Sky from BT for line rental and have kept my number.
  5. 3rd party warranty

    Fair enough It has done lower than average miles (45K in around 6.5 years) and has been serviced yearly at main dealers.
  6. 3rd party warranty

    I've just bought a new (to me) car, it's an almost 7 year old Volvo V50 diesel. Having had expensive issues in the past, albeit with turbo petrol cars, I'm considering a 3rd party warranty. A quick google suggests there's a massive choice available, but can anyone recommend one? Ta
  7. Anyone got or used a Kindle?

    I find that turning the brightness down helps. Also saves the battery a little.
  8. Anyone got or used a Kindle?

    Thanks I think I've been adding ePub format books to iBooks on my iPad (certainly I've been adding books of some format or other to iBooks). Knowing I could do the same with a Kindle makes it a more attractive proposition.
  9. Anyone got or used a Kindle?

    Can you manually add books to a Kindle, or are you limited to downloading them from Amazon? If so, does anyone know which formats are supported?
  10. Wiggins

    He's also in the Tour of Denmark, which starts today. It's a good opportunity to see what Froome's capable of in a Grand Tour - 13s off the top spot in last year's Vuelta, and probably would have won it without team orders to concede time to Wiggins, so why not give him a good crack at it this year?
  11. Exercise question

    He said it did help with his back, although hadn't yet found a new class since moving house. He also commented on the other class members - being somewhat of a dirty old man he quite enjoyed being the only bloke in the class :D
  12. Exercise question

    Isn't it supposed to be a good core workout? My Dad was doing it because of his bad back.
  13. WMV files on iPad Query

    I use AVPlayerHD. It means I don't have to do any conversion, simply upload the video (lots of formats & codecs supported) and play. Well worth £2.
  14. Bird Strike @ IoM TT

    In other news, the Swan Yamaha team is thinking about renaming themselves Seagull Yamaha...
  15. Focus ST2 - 56 Plate, 22k Miles FFSH

    Thanks I reckon he did well there. Will probably still just hand mine back to the dealer when the time comes.