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  1. Wordsman Registered Joined 1 d ago 1 Posts Discussion Starter • #1 • 24 h ago I just got a 2017 BMW 530e G30 with adaptive dampers and the manual’s telling me they work better with the BMW sat nav. I’ve just got back from some long trips where I found the sat nav didn’t know the A14 exists at all, took me to a dead end and also down a smaller road that has obviously never existed. I’d much rather use Waze, which I also suspect is better for traffic, though I like how the BMW nav zooms and gives directions in HUD. I’ve done some digging and can’t find any detail - how much does adaptive improve with sat nav? Is it worth updating my maps and sticking with it? Or shall I just accept Waze is better? And, second Q, with adaptive - is there any reason to use Sport/comfort? Presumably adaptive automates that for you? Cheers
  2. I’ve driven both a 2019 and 2017 530e recently. Both drove well, but the 2019 felt new, while at 50k miles the 2017 was just starting to show its age. I’ve leased new cars for the last few years and kinda got used to to zero hassle. There are lots of 2018/2019 models with comfort and tech packs around £30k, including one that’s my dream colour and spec. There are also a few 2017s with 40-50k miles around £23-25k (but not ideal colour/spec). But according to Car Dealer mag used prices are going up as supply is tight and dealers have had their best June ever. I have my own business and the economy is heading for a deep recession. So the sensible money buys the older car because it’ll cost less and depreciate less. A few miles don’t worry me as I’ve had them before and won’t add much, though potential maintenance is a slight concern. I’ve even thought of spending £10k on a Golf for now, but can’t bring myself to do it! On the other hand, I’ll keep the newer (nicer) car longer, and on low miles will have no maintenance costs for a while. I’m also more likely to get my ideal car, so enjoy it more. I’m also hung up on comfort and tech packs - are they worth it? I’m really keen on the harmon kardon etc. But really, once you have the car, do the options make much difference? None can answer this for me, obs, but I’m interested in views of fellow car people :o)
  3. Beefing up the standard S4 hifi

    Yes, I've had a drive and listened to the hifi, and I was underwhelmed. But as you say, on a two year lease it's not worth the cost. Any ideas where I could look to research a sub and someone who'd install it for me?
  4. I have an S4 Avant on order. But after enjoying the Bose in my current A8, I'm a little worried the standard hifi might be underwhelming. I'm leasing for 2 years, so it didn't seem worth paying over a grand for the upgraded hifi. Does anyone have ideas for how I could beef it up please? I figured an aftermarket subwoofer would improve things, with the advantage that I can take it out for the next car.
  5. Frustratingly unresponsive throttle on my 3.0 TDi

    I think I'll give them a ring and see if they can check it over :o)
  6. Frustratingly unresponsive throttle on my 3.0 TDi

    Good question, and to be fair, I had an overnight test drive booked for an A6, when my old A8 let me down and I decided i needed something in a hurry. My local Audi had the ideal A8 in stock, which they need to shift before year end, so they did me a ridiculous lease, and I jumped in. I can't even remember how long I drove it for. Since I wrote my message earlier, it occurred to me to try staying in Sport, and using the paddles to shift up when it's hanging on to the revs too long, and it's better, though I guess my mpg will go up a bit. And I'll explore the Individual setting, too. Not sure how much I can play with, but worth a look.
  7. I've had a 2016 A8 3.0 TDi since last March, and always felt the throttle response a bit slack. Drive mode is nice for cruising around, but I have to really stamp on the gas to get enough acceleration at a busy junction. When I do hit the gas, there's still a bit of lag (turbo?) before it lurches off. Sport is much more nimble, but less relaxed because it goes to much higher revs before changing gear. Maybe I'm not anticipating when I'll need the revs at the ready very well, but there doesn't seem to be a happy medium. My last car was the D3 4.2 petrol, which was nice and peppy, so maybe it's getting used to diesel and turbo lag. Does this sound normal? Am I fussing over nothing? Or should I get it checked out? Thanks
  8. Hi I had the Audi MMI unit installed on my 2005 D3 a few years ago. I just downloaded the Audi MMI connect app on my iPhone and registered on audi.com, but it says my car isn't compatible. Is there anything I can do to get podcasts etc playing from the phone? I have podcasts on an old iPhone in the glovebox, attached with the old-style Apple connector, but it'd be nice to do it over Bluetooth with the phone I carry all the time. thanks for your help
  9. 2005 A8 D3 4.2 - problem starting when warm

    Well it looks like my mechanics have solved it, as far as I can tell. The battery was going into shutdown, which is why the dash lit up but the engine didn't turn. So, new battery and a couple of long journeys next week - let's see if I get stuck! Fingers crossed. To be honest the depressing thing, was looking for a newer car for the £8k or so I recon I'd get for the A8, and seeing what I'd get for the money. Not much fun. Let's hope it'll last me another year so I can save up for a new shape A8.
  10. 2005 A8 D3 4.2 - problem starting when warm

    Yep no unusual behaviour apart from that, though I'll check the lights. No error messages, but when my mechanic plugged his laptop in initially it told him the problem was with the starter motor which they then replaced.
  11. 2005 A8 D3 4.2 - problem starting when warm

    Everything lights up OK, but the engine doesn't turn over at all, complete silence.
  12. My A8 isn't starting when it's very warm, like after a 1-2hr drive. My indie audi guys have replaced the starter motor, and then some relays, which sorted it for a couple of weeks. But it's happened again and going back in tomorrow. It's starting to feel like Groundhog Day. Is anyone aware of any known faults, or have any advice? thanks guys
  13. 09 MK5 GTI or 59 MK6?

    I was one of those. Actually used to polish my company car. That was when I was young and didn't have kids, mind. I did buy a car once, found an accident repair document in the glove box, rang the garage and found it had had a serious accident repair. I could hear a faint wind noise from the door which alerted me. The dealer took the car back and gave me a refund!
  14. 09 MK5 GTI or 59 MK6?

    I guess one advantage of being a lease car, is it'll have had any bit of work done, because it's all paid for.
  15. 09 MK5 GTI or 59 MK6?

    He said it's ex-VW Finance, and was owned by a rental company, but can't tell any more about who drove it. I checked with my local indy, who was main dealer for years and he said there's no way they could tell more than that. But he also said that if its VW Approved it should be fine, and you also get their 30 day return guarantee so low risk. Still. Rental company. Makes you think doesn't it?