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  1. Venice....any inputs?

    It does. From memory, a lot of items on display, but you know you are in an old style grand hotel. I'm more of a modern style hotel person but I was quite impressed with it and the service was impeccable. I think they turned over the sheets twice a day while there. You don't get that in many hotels these days. I'd definitely go back there if I was to visit Venice again.
  2. Pile up on the M65 in heavy fog

    I'm actually surprised at the speeds people go at on this one. Idiots!! Its fog, visibility is reduced to less than 10 - 20m after the exit arrow. Slow the eff down!!!
  3. Bizarre Story

    Seriously!! "Come over here and I'll let you rub it" Ooooh... Best lyrics. Who buys this shite?! I'm not a rapper but I'm quite sure I could write better lyrics than this utter crap.
  4. BMW M2 'Facelift'

    Unfortunately, though you can do that on the two series CarMad, that option is not available on the 'lesser model' 1 series, though you still have to pay extra for the CA option which I did. Its only limited to opening with your hands. To think I paid about £350 I think for the priviledge. Bastards! I do remember looking like a fool kicking at the car for ages and nothing happening when I just got it,only to find out the kick action boot opening was not available on the 1 series One good thing about it though is that you can never lock the keys in the car as I found out at some point.
  5. WTF is that in the Merc? Thats poor. Even though I might sound biased, I think the IDrive system is superb. Most of the add ons I somehow got but have still not used them though
  6. Grandson.

    Heard this the other day. Thought it was funny. Boy and his Grandad are at home. Grandad is having a pint when the boy goes up to him and sits on his lap Grandson : Can I have some of your beer Grandad? Grandad : Does your penis touch your arsehole? Grandson : No, why? Grandad : Well if it doesn’t, you can’t have any Boy goes away A few hours later, Grandad is having a smoke. Grandson : Can I have a puff Grandad? Grandad : Does your penis touch your arsehole? Grandson : No, why? Grandad : Well if it doesn’t, you can’t have any Boy goes away The next day, the boy is out on the Porch having some cookies. Grandad walks on to the Porch and sees the cookies. His eyes light up and proceeds to ask his Grandson Hey, can I have some of your cookies? Boy asks…aaaagh! Grandad, does your penis touch your arsehole? Grandad ever so confident replies… Of course it does! Grandson replies…Well Grandad, if it does, why don’t you go **** yourself!
  7. Buy to let novice - first of many questions!

    By the way. Sad for Delroy
  8. Buy to let novice - first of many questions!

    Hmmm... Memories. I remember this BTL I had up north (Grimsby to be precise). I bought it pretty cheap which is why I got it. I would've blown the money on something else so thought. Lets tie it down and see what happens. 2 B/R House for less than silly money at the time. Pretty good nick. Bought it outright. I had this tenant for a couple of years. No problem. Paid up on time, no problems whatsoever. Then he left and another guy moved in. should have known something was up when he always paid 6 months upfront. This happened for a couple of years. After the second year, his rent was due and I rang him up. I couldn't get hold of him. I thought nothing of it. After about a month, I rang him up again as I wasn't particularly fussed. Nothing! Decided to go up there one weekend to find him or see whats going on. Got there and the house was totally boarded up. I asked the neighbours. They were clueless. Went to B&Q to buy a crowbar and forced my way in. On taking the board off, I noticed the front door had been smashed in. I walked past the living room. totally bare except a threadbare settee. In to the kitchen at the back and I saw these sacks of fertiliser against the back door and hacked wiring from the meter all the way upstairs. I walk upstairs and the whole top floor was covered in pots, lining, shit hanging from the ceiling. Turns out my BTL had been turned into a proper 'crude' weed growing factory. I called the police who then informed me what had happened and that the guy had been arrested a few months earlier. Took quite a fair bit of time getting the house back to a proper state before I sold it off at a decent profit not long afterwards. From that point onwards, I vowed never to have a BTL that's more than 30 minutes away from me. Oh and Northerners like weed
  9. Bloodbath....

    Think you shat yourself on 'running in' sport+, you're in for a shock at full throttle. I don't use sport+, ever! Flicking the gear stick to the left in sport mode is enough for me on our roads. I do agree with all your observations though. Steering is a bit too numb in comfort mode I feel as well. I specced lumbar support this time around as coming from a previous M135i that didn't have it, sitting was a bit uncomfortable on long journeys so had to have it this time. Glad I did now. All in all, for what I paid. I'm still loving it 3k miles in.
  10. Wheeler Dealers on Discovery

    Awwww... I like him and always watch whats on offer if I come across the programme while channel surfing. I can also say Ive learnt a few things from his in depth knowledge he shares on the show. Wish him all the best.
  11. Family Trip to the Far East Planning Help?

    As you're planning that far ahead, I'd wait a bit for the sales to take place to reduce your flight prices even a bit further or upgrade. Whichever suits you. Bangle always has a running commentary of when they're due or out anyway
  12. Family Trip to the Far East Planning Help?

    The floating market is in Bangkok. Daunting and an experience but pretty fun. From what I recall, all or most beaches I've been to in Thailand are pretty shallow for a fair bit so will be okay for your 3 year old. I cant remember any being a steep drop from the beach onwards. If you want to stay inland and for me exciting. Bangkok has so much to offer for touristy type things to do. There's just so much and wont cost you a packet. What we do in Bangkok the few times we've been is get the government run ferry day ticket for about 4 quid that runs through Bangkok along the Chao Praya river and just hop on / hop off at various destinations along the river then discover what each stop has to offer since at most stops there is something fanciable to do. A running commentary is given on the boat so you know beforehand what you can do. Also, Chiang Mai in the Northern part is another place if you want to see the older parts of Thailand. Flights to most places in Thailand you can buy and are pretty cheap on Air Asia averaging about £30 return to Bangkok as this is where we normally would make our hub, though tickets to Samui can be higher than most other destinations. If you do decide on any destination, lets know so I can give you a few tips that would make your life a lot easier as with all places, there are quite a few tourist traps that might end up being very expensive if you're caught up in it
  13. Family Trip to the Far East Planning Help?

    Without a shadow of a doubt IMO. Koh Samui or Koh Phanang if you want a laid back beach holiday and kid friendly, though Phanang is where the monthly moon party is held and invaded by the crazy party goers. Avoid this time and its pretty laid back and a relaxing place. Samui is beautiful and pretty laid back depending on where on the Island you stay. When we went, we just hired mopeds at about £5 a day to visit every area of the Island since it was only 70km round the whole Island. Yes I know not conducive for kids but you could hire a car which is also cheap as chips. Same applies to Phanang. Just dont hire from the airport if you dont want to be financially raped. Many places provide this service inland though they might take your passport as security for return of the vehicle. Taxis are also more expensive than in any other place you go such as Bangkok. Also be wary of the weather in Samui. Its on the Eastern side of the country so will differ vastly from Islands on the West. There are other places inland of Thailand I could recommend but you wont get your relaxing beach holiday out of this.
  14. Family Trip to the Far East Planning Help?

    What he said. (Bangle) Anything you want to know about Thailand. Ask away. Been to most Islands / Places there. Just don't end up taking your kids to Patong!!
  15. Football results today