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  1. S3 (52 plate) Current Drain

    That would be an ideal solution if the car was garaged but unfortunately I live in a flat and the car is parked on the public road. I have an Accumate Pro charger (AccuMate Pro 12V & 24V high power AccuMate) which I bought recently (intelligent charger similar to the CTEK) which I can use as a top-up when I visit my folks, but the existing battery was too far gone (some cells already short circuit and battery down to 10.75V) to be recovered so I need a new one anyway.
  2. S3 (52 plate) Current Drain

    Thanks for all your help and tips. I have had another go at this but this time with the ammeter connected in series with the battery. The trick was to leave the car to go to sleep (good tip!). I saw that the diagnostics module (fuse 12) took about 10 mins to fully go to sleep the first time after reconnecting the battery (a bit quicker for subsequent locks / unlocks). After locking the car and allowing the interior light delay to switch off the current dropped to about 340mA (mainly the diagnostics module) but then after the diagnostics module powered down the current dropped to between 40-60mA which sounds pretty normal. I checked the equivalent 'sleep' current on my partner's Nissan Micra (which always starts even if left for weeks) and that was 90mA, so I am reasonably confident that this is okay (60mA @ 12V is only 0.7 watts so tiny really). I am therefore still none the wiser as to why the battery is draining. The only 2 conclusions I could come up with were that either battery is faulty or that the problem is intermittent. I have since had the battery tested and confirmed it to be faulty, but to be honest, given the number of times it has gone flat it is not possible to determine whether the battery had a manufacturing defect originally or has effectively been destroyed but all the deep cycle discharges. The only way I will I find out is to replace the battery and see if the new one starts to go flat or not. Which leads me on to my next connundrum..... Given that the vehicle sometimes doesn't get driven for a few weeks if I am away, I wanted to fit a higher capacity battery to it this time to extend the duration I could leave it before it went flat. Checking out the various battery manufacturer and reseller web sites the best battery technology appears to be AGM. The last battery was a Motaquip '065' type (242x175x175mm LxDxH) 55Ah, however the higher capacity batteries (70Ah+) are mostly only available the slightly larger size of 278x175x190mm ('096' type). The connundrum is that most of the battery supplier / reseller web sites provide a 'vehicle look up' facility to allow you the find the size of battery compatible with your vehicle. The majority state that Audi S3 2002 model requires a 278x175x190mm ('096') battery. However, having measured the plastic casing that houses the battery it only measures about 263x175x190mm (LxDxH). I wondered if the casing sides were expandable but can't see a way of doing of this. So how come they reckon a 278mm battery is going to fit inside a 265mm casing ? Since I can no longer drive the car to a garage to get advice and will most likely have to order in a high-capacity battery as they are not generally stocked here in the IOM, I would appreciate your advice and experience on maximum size battery that can be accommodatd in an Audi S3 (8L model, BAM engine code) and if the answer is 278x175x190mm, how the battey casing can be expanded to accommodate it? I have scoured the user handbook, and ElsaWin workshop manual but can find no information on this, nor anything on the internet other the conflicting information given on the battery suppliers / resellers web sites. Looking at a posting by Sponge (http://www.tyresmoke.net/forum/audi-a4-s4-cabrio/114945-battery-dimensions.html ) it looks like the casing is movable on an A4 S-line, but don't know if the same applies for an S3? Thanks in advance for your suggestions !
  3. S3 (52 plate) Current Drain

    Okay, I am now about £200 worse off through various so called mechanics 'having a go' and finding nothing but the problem still remains. One even had the cheek to tell me that the problem was that I am not driving it often enough and thay any car left for 2 weeks will get a flat battery (!). I do however have some fault codes which seem to suggest that I may have been on the right lines with my original diagnosis. Fault codes are: 0991 - Cabin Light Short with Power 01134 - Alarm Horn - H12 No Communication, Intermittent Last time the battery went flat the fault code pointed to the central locking (he didn't tell me the eaxct code); he cleared the fault code and it hasn't come back so this may have been caused by the battery cycling (?) I don't know what fuses these faults relate to. DTC 0991 sounds like maybe fuse 12? If anyone has had any experience of these fault codes and which fuses they relate to, my next step is to charge the battery, remove this fuse and see if goes flat again. Grateful for any tips or advice. Cheers, R
  4. S3 (52 plate) Current Drain

    Dave, I suspect that measuring the current drawn by each fuse was not the best approach and that I should have started by measuring the total battery current. To measure each fuse requires having the driver's door open and then holding-in the door-close sensor and locking the car to arm the alarm etc. The car is currently with an auto electrician who can find no fault and reckons the current drain is normal. I think VAG COM may be next port of call. I don't have one at present but there seem to be plenty on Ebay (cable and basic fault code reading software) for about £15. I noted another post on here where the alarm circuit was causing the battery to drain. The problem is there are no Audi dealers on the island so no real expertise. Thanks for the advice. Cheers, R
  5. S3 (52 plate) Current Drain

    I have had an Audi S3 (52 plate) since new but since moving to the Isle Of Man have started to experience problems with a periodic flat battery if I leave the car for 2 weeks or so without driving it. It is fair to say that the longest journey I do over here is only about 30 minutes duration so the battery doesn't get the charging time that it used to in the UK, but nobody else seems to be experiencing this problem over here. I have had the car into several garages who can find no fault. The battery was replaced a few months but now I have the same problem again. I tried checking the current draw on each fuse to see if I could detect any obvious problem. Some circuits registered a small current but this is to be expected to run the electronics in standby, alarm etc. Has anyone else experienced anything similar or can give me any advice as to what current I should expect to see drawn on each circuit, for comparison purposes. The fuse circuits which registered non-zero currents with the car standing idle were as follows: (fuse#) 12 - Onboard diagnosis, reading lights, alarm 355mA (all lights off when meas. taken) 15 - Instrument Cluster, Central locking 10mA 16 - Magnetic Clutch / Water Pump 128 micro amps 17 - Heated door locks 55 micro amps 28 - Fuel pump 1.2mA 30 - Sunroof 48mA 32 - Engine Management 0.5mA 37 - Radio 4mA 48 - Luggage Compartment 38mA Cheers, Robin

    Well I consistently get 33-34 mpg from my S3 even if I hammer it down the motorway. I don't push hard all the time though and mainly drive economically. I must admit that the DIS has been really helpful in teaching me how to drive economically i.e. best revs for gear changes when I am not looking to race. Mine seems to be an exception though as most other Tyresmoke S3 users report around 27-30 mpg for normal driving. Cheers, R
  7. My first bad experience!

    Just did a search on car reliability and came up with this..... Reliability URL . The TT comes out with an overall reliability index of 142 against an average (for all cars) of 112, whereas the A3 (all models) comes out with an Index of 60 (more reliable). Of course TT versus A3 is an unfair comparison as the TT range are all sports cars whereas the A3 range covers everything from tractors to sports models. Quite interesting to plug in different cars and see how they compare though. BMW 3 series (all models): 70 M-series since 1996: 297 !!! Alpha Romeo GTV since 1998: 66 !......wow !...didn't expect it to be more reliable than a BMW 3 series. Overall Audi is the 6th worst performer, just ahead of Saab and one behind BMW. Subaru is no. 2!...another suprise. All I really concluded from this was that the more advanced the motah the less reliable it is going to be .....nothing we didn't know already. Cheers, R
  8. TT 225 deletion?

    [ QUOTE ] No news about 1.8T FSI but have you heard about the RS3plus that will have a lightweight all aluminium chassis and a 8.1L bi-turbo pushing out 950bhp? They reckon it will be out Christmas 2004 and that all existing Audi owners will get one as a thank you. [/ QUOTE ] Scotty, 4 people (not existing Audi owners) just put a deposit down with their local dealer for one of those on the strength of that ! Cheers, R
  9. S3 Fuel Gauge

    Rich, My S3 fuel gauge is spot-on. When I fill her up the gauge is exactly aligned with the "full" mark and I have had dropped down as low as a projected range of 15 miles before filling her up without any issues. Of course there's the possibility that the tank is still half full for all I know, but based upon what I then have to put in to fill her up I think it is accurate. I am also consistently get 32-34mpg on average off a tank of fuel. On recent 700 mile return trip to north Devon (including cruising at 3 digit speeds on some sections and traffic jams) I averaged 34.5mpg which I was pleasantly surprised by. Perhaps the fuel gauge thing is just a calibration issue when the vehicle is set-up in the factory ? On your motah what does the gauge read when she is full ...over the full mark or spot on ? Cheers, R
  10. Car Door Protection

    [ QUOTE ] where do I get the Silicone from Robin? can you refer me to a website [/ QUOTE ] Any DIY store or builders merchants. It's the same stuff you find around baths, showers and window frames, but clear rather than white. They generally come in tubes which require an applicator gun (also quite cheap) although you can buy self-propelling tubes nowadays at a higher price. You can order it from screwfix over the internet ( Applicator Gun , Silicon ) and it will be with you the next business day although you have to pay the delivery charge if your order is under £45. Screwfix are generally very cheap though. Cheers, R
  11. Car Door Protection

    How about running a few thick beads of clear silicon down the side of the post which the door bumps against. Would be largely invisible from a distance but very soft for your door to bump into ? High modulus silicon is best as it is very springy. Cheers, Robin
  12. Possible DV problem

    Booster, I had exactly the same feeling as you in that I thought my S3 wasn't as nippy as it used to be. I recently took it into the dealer for an assessment in preparation for one or two minor items to be sorted out under warranty and asked them to check this very point. The only thing they came back with was that they couldn't see any error codes on the VAG-COM (exactly the response predicted above ! ). However it did come back with an additional 20 miles on the clock (a bit much for a test drive n'est pas ?), the fuel economy figures through the floor and indications that all of the seats had been used, so it was clearly the lunchtime runabout car for them.....after all why use your own petrol when you can thrash someone else's car to death for a laugh ? grrrrr.... Cheers, R
  13. S3 Insurance

    [ QUOTE ] Usually your insure will be increased in line with the power.. ie 20% extra power then 20% extra premium. [/ QUOTE ] Whilst we are on the subject, one of the problems I have come up against is finding out just how much power Revo chipping gives you !. There are a few power / torque curves on the website but not one for the S3 (225bhp) last time I checked. I sent them an E-mail asking this question some time ago, but never received a reply. Does someone have the answer or do people assume around 265bhp for insurance purposes ? Cheers, Robin
  14. S3 Insurance

    Errrr............sorry, That was in reply to your Bell Direct tip mate. Just realised that my reply was disconnected from yours by about half a dozen posts ! I was interested to see that Bell Direct are part of the Admiral group. I was with Admiral for years but they were uncompetitive when I bought my S3. Might give them another try too to see how they compare. Cheers, Robin
  15. S3 Insurance

    Hmmm, not bad. £450 for fully comp. cover and best of all, to move up to protected NCB only costs an extra £4 !! Good tip ! Cheers, Robin