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  1. Audio Bmw E60 Nightmare

    Hi all, i have a 2004 e60 withsat nav no pro logic, when i bought the car you would turn the stereo up and after 5-10 mins speakers would start cuttin off n stuff and would have to turn it back down, so... i bought a blaupunkt tha 555 pnp and wiring harness and got it installed yesterday and guess what.... turn it right up and speakers cut off still, so im guessing maybe the headunit maybe knackered? any suggestions before a match and some petrol ends up falling into this car haha
  2. Audio upgrade in E60 535d

    Hi all, i have a bmw e60 2004 with no pro logic system, the stereo sound is terrible, i turn it up and it sounds ok then after about 5-10 mins with it turned up front speakers start crackling and fading off, so i have jus ordered a blaupunkt tha 555 amplifier and long wiring harness, good move you's reckon? was also going to order the dls r4 components anyone had this problem with there speakers doing this? thanks