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  1. no point buying a 3g ipad. ever. tethering is ace. and most of the time its via wifi anyway
  2. Best home network wifi printer?

    epson cartridges are a tenner+p&p for 12 on ebay and they work a treat. used them for years. ink ace. cartidges ace. cheap as chips. yes the cartridges all have a chip in ....but they're still less than a quid each ;-)
  3. Ps3 ylod

    if you dont use 'em often, vacuum the sides before turning on. they get dusty. and leave them horizontal too.
  4. RS 3 Tested.

    These numpty RWD vs AWD bollox threads are so boring. The idiots that think they are safe in AWD in the snow are the ones that end up in a ditch. This guy talks sense: As does this chap: 4WD v FWD - a surprising result in my snow test - Tester Back on topic. The RS3 looks boring, old and dull. Discuss.
  5. Flash Player and ActiveX

    finding a stable version of flash player is harder than getting a fiver back off a Greek politician. I currently have version 8 installed as it seems the most stable. version 10+ fecked up things big time. turn off auto updates for it etc too as they seem to like making new bugs whenever they can
  6. New BMW 1'er

    A1 looks a joke. But nothing is as hilarious as an X1. its even uglier than the X3, which I thought was at the singularity of shitness!
  7. Dont knock hannah montana -its fab. !
  8. Best large TV for £2,000

    correct. all the monster cables etc just waffle gibberish on the packaging. big profit for the retailers from cables. sometimes more than the tv itself
  9. Help OSX / iOS / iTunes - fail!!!!!!!

    are you sure you got all the updates to itunes etc after doing the snow leopard update? snow leopard combo update wont include latest ios5 drivers/support
  10. Now it's time for the Cillit Kubang!

    thats lovely! no need to be so anti suv...they are often faster than normal cars and not much worse efficiency wise. apart from the q7. which is shite.
  11. iPad buying advice please

    could be your carrier. however you stated ipad 3g is faster than iphone 3g. which is not true.
  12. iPad buying advice please

    Sorry but thats gibberish! there is a GPS variation, but that does not affect transmission speed over 3g, purely locking. and the ipad lock takes longer than iphone lock. but its irrelevant to the speed issue for browsing etc.
  13. iPad buying advice please

    90% of ipads are wifi, not 3g. dont forget you can use your iphones 3g connection with a wifi ipad, giving the same functionality and saves an extra data plan. people that know the ipad 3 spec cant talk about it. 16gb is by far the most common spec also, because most people dont store movies on them. plenty of second hand ipad 1s around for 250 ish. a bargain!
  14. iOS5...

    Turn it off then turn it on. Sometimes the indexing runs for a bit in background slowing it down. IOS5 doesnt slow down a 3gs like IOS4 etc did with the 3G though. camera etc much quicker as they've optimised it, but most things same speed on all phones with minor variations here and there.
  15. Blackberry problems

    blackberry are the nokia of 2011. reckon their 70mil users will be nearer 50mil within a few months.