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  1. I lost my baby ....

    I'm so sorry PP
  2. Want an A4 but which one?

    Word may have got out - there were three sets of people sat with different sales guys in our local Merc showroom at 4:30 today and another at 5:30 when I drove past.
  3. Want an A4 but which one?

    Interesting.... I've never looked at hire route. Although it's £51k to hire an R8 for 36 months!
  4. Want an A4 but which one?

    How can you hire a Merc for around £3k a year - that's about £8 a day?
  5. DB9 Volante - J BOND plate...?

    That's a long drive from the Bahamas!
  6. 'TT' on eBay

    Mileage: 0 Miles I wonder why....?
  7. A5 S5 Cab Official pics

    I quite like the look of it too!
  8. Alloys

    The RS4's on Chav's car look great but I think of the three options I'd put the RSTT's (middle option) on a B6.

    Sounds like the kind of driving we need in Brazil this afternoon!
  10. Jt1

    Nope, could be Justin Timberlake?
  11. Jt1

    My Grandma's brother was called John Thomas!
  12. Jt1

  13. TT with identity crisis

    That's not nice!
  14. Here we go again - servicing costs...

    I had a little bit of work done earlier this week and my (just outside London) dealer charged £115/hour
  15. Down and out again

    I'm so sorry Ian - I read one of your posts a few months ago and thought at the time how lucky you were! Chin up. Cx