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  1. S3 Colours?!? Bah!

    Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.... More of a silver man myself.....
  2. To Bose or not to Bose

    I need help fast..... deposit looming.....on S3 minus bose....
  3. To Bose or not to Bose

    Considering an S3 without Bose...not really a 'I get goose bumps when the bass pumps' driver...so....Symphony II (without bose).....is the quality still good??
  4. Doors

    Any idea how much it'd cost to sort a misaligned door out on an S3?
  5. info on S3 (facelift model)

    I found the replies super useful in my quest for an S3.... ColinM was also a great help with his info. re imports/UK spec.
  6. To Bose or not to Bose

    Any thoughts re the bose upgrade for the S3.... is the symphony 2 sound quality OK without the bose upgrade?
  7. A3 1.8t What does......

    Anyone got a similar doc for the S3 they can post in PDF?

    S3s usually push around 27mpg...
  9. S3 Yaw sensor link arm

    Car has 4 months warranty left on it. The RAC man couldn't find any other signs of leakage..
  10. S3 Yaw sensor link arm

    RAC man reckons a loss of around half a litre.....
  11. S3 Yaw sensor link arm

    Well....car serviced 3 months ago by Audi...would have expected them to check coolant and top up if necessary...RAC man stated that the coolant level 'requires immediate attention'. It seems unusual to have lost coolant in only 3k miles??? He couldn't detect any coolant leaks and he said the exhaust wasn't smoky either....any thoughts???
  12. S3 Yaw sensor link arm

    Nice one Mo.... that's one black mark checked off my list then!! Ho hum...just got coolant loss to address now!
  13. S3 Yaw sensor link arm

    Is this arm on the nearside only??
  14. S3 Yaw sensor link arm

    Does anyone know if the front nearside yaw sensor linkange arm comes out of the factory slightly bowed?? I ask because I've had an RAC inspection carried out on an S3 and the engineer picked this up....
  15. Silver S3 - M4 jnc. 29 (eastbound)

    Seen at 8.30 this morning....was it you???