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  1. iTunes and iCloud

    iTunes Match for music
  2. Except the date now. Sorry, I'll be in Jamaica
  3. Ee 4g

    This 4G malarkey is a bit quick
  4. Iphone5 first impression

    And work as per normal with ihome speaker dock and kenwood dnx520vbt in car system. Just need brodit to finalise their holder and I'll be happy.
  5. Iphone5 first impression

    Lightning adapters are shipping tonight
  6. Wahoo! :D I've always wanted to go, but never been before, mainly due to my lack of planning and having a friend to go with.... now they're queuing up round the block to come. I'm not one for entering competitions, especially those where you have to dream up your comments. There are thousands of members on here so I never dreamed I'd be the chosen one. I am one of the original members from back in those dark days of 2002 when the joy started to spread. and used to be on here a lot and come to the meets when they were regular. Due to job changes and firewalls I wasn't able to contribute as much but I still like to read when I get the chance. I would like to thank Michelin for the opportunity and I will make the most of it. It's great that a major manufacturer is not just aware of Tyresmoke, but actively participates with this kind of offer. Hopefully, I'll be able to do some live reporting.
  7. Earphones for music listening

    Here's one that hasn't come up yet - Ultimate Ears super-fi 5EB You haven't heard bass from a earphone until you've popped these in your ear! Unfortunately they are not made any more
  8. Kona mountain bike - FREE

    What size is it Dave?
  9. Honda F1 Team Sorted....

    I was at Silverstone today taking photos at the track day. Luckily, I felt the need to change position and went down to the stands near Abbey. Suddenly there was a lot of noise from the middle of the track and it was immediately obvious it was an F1 car. What with hearing the news on the radio this morning it could have meant only one thing. I swung the camera around and even though I was at least 1/2 mile away it was quite clear.
  10. Fingers crossed I'll try to make it there as well. Big camera lenses at the ready. Are you doing passenger rides Mook? :D
  11. Sky Sports presenters

    Worst one of all time though (not on Sky) has to be David Pleat. He has problems with at least 3 or 4 players names in every game!!!
  12. Atomised at last!

    Very, very nice. I spent a lot of time looking at these in 2007, even going to trackdays with the Owners Club. The feeling is just amazing. :D
  13. Camera Remotes

    Infra red ones are fine. You don't need to be in the way of the lens to set the remote off.