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  1. Hello All, Long time, hope everyone is well. My wife is going to be changes jobs soon and so with us having 2 cars this will then go down to one. I don't need a car as I use my cycle to commute to work each day. So we have a S Max and a Fiat 500 with the S Max on the cards to go first and then the 500 which will be half way through payment in April. Now looking for a replacement, do we go the short term fun runner or think more long term and get something that will allow our family to grow in the next few years. We had a Signum a few years ago and was impressed with that and liked what it had to offer, but was wondering if there is anything like this on the market today, can be 2nd hand and have thought about getting another Signum too. Just wondering peoples opinions, would only like to go to a max of £8k. Thanks
  2. New 2nd Hand car time, Signum size

    Do those meets still happen?
  3. New 2nd Hand car time, Signum size

    Hi both, Long time indeed, yup still in Ipswich. Hows things? Ended up with a Jeep Renny with the 1.4 Turbo, not a bad car at all..
  4. Was bought for me as a gift but I don't really use it. So only been used a handful of times. Its basiclly 3 in one, Red and Black ballpoint with a pencil. Lovely pen and writes so nicely but I just don't use it. Was purchased early summer time this year, so still has over a years warranty Comes with outer box, inner box (Dunhill branded), manual/card and velvet Dunhill pen case. These are over £400 so going to sell for £300 including postage RMSD. Thanks
  5. New 2nd Hand car time, Signum size

    The Mini would be a Clubman but looks like it would need to be the newer shape which is a larger, but then out of budget. As mentioned earlier it's do I get a fun car now for it to be replaced or a more family oriented car and stick with that, I know the 3 series are a good candidate more so when in Touring form.
  6. New 2nd Hand car time, Signum size

    Tried a Mini and whilst it was very good, no one could sit behind me, not even a small child. So currently looking at options again, has anyone got any experience with the Octavia VRs?
  7. New 2nd Hand car time, Signum size

    Thanks, I would like something fun but think the fact its not going to be doing a good journey each day defeats the purpose, like a Mini Clubman cooper s, I was thinking full electric as an option but they are still quite pricey.
  8. New 2nd Hand car time, Signum size

    I would have one of them, just that it would be less than 3 miles a day and the S Max is already leggy, over 150k so would like something a little fresher.. Have been looking at a VW Passat or Merc C220 Estate....
  9. New 2nd Hand car time, Signum size

    There is only 3 us and that will grow to 4 max, but the car is a diesel and will only be going down the road, max 2miles each way each day
  10. No longer used Apple iPhone 4S in black with 16Gb of internal storage Upgraded to a Galaxy phone. Comes with box Plug and Lead but no headphones In great condition, locked to O2 I think. On iOS 5 £200 ono inc Postage RMSD
  11. Hi, Missus got a new phone and doesn't want it as she has a phone she prefers already. So have this iPhone 5 Black 16gb locked to O2 still in the box sealed etc. £350 posted RMSD Thanks
  12. What classic?

    Ok, a friend of mine has £30k to spend on a classic, now the car must comply to the following. More than 5 Cylinders Be able to cruise nicely for long journeys Not a out and out sports car, has a 968 for that. Was thinking tax exempt but then the costs of these cars is very high. So what do you think is out there? I was thinking of a UR Quattro which is kind of a sports car.
  13. I am not paying, so will see how we go!
  14. Thanks for the link Mac, I am waiting for the Elitepad from HP to come this week. Which is more business related and I am getting the dock and jacket etc with it.
  15. What classic?

    Thanks for the replies! Some interesting suggestions there, we had been thinking of a Merc 280 SL but they are a few more pennies these days, E30 M3 - he has the 968 CS which is similar. Thinking more wafting about.. with out being garish.
  16. BT Vision and Broadband

    Which is another reason I didn't go with them at the time and sent everything back, as the transmitter at the time hadn't been upgraded to Freeview!
  17. BT Vision and Broadband

    I had one of the early Vision boxes, years ago and it was pants, but I think they have moved in the right direction now! Only thing I would see is make sure that the channels you get are what you want, just done the switch from Sky to Virgin but had to check the channels first, a lot of the ones we had on Sky we didn't watch anyway.
  18. Smart Phone of the Moment??

    This is the reason that I would like to move away from Android, being in a IT I can't leave things alone for too long the iPhone was one phone I just left as I didn't see the reason to Jailbreak it etc. For some reason with the S3 I felt the need to do it and then install a custom ROM. Just because I can. I have my phone through work and look after the contract also, so when an opportunity to change comes around I like to try it, of course everyone's opinion is different etc, but we have had to send back a huge amount of phones (iPhone's) due to them failing in some way or another, compared to the Blackberry's we had it was around 90% failure. Granted some of that was due to people dropping them, but the cost of the BES was a key factor in moving away from Blackberry. My wife has had issues with app's that she has downloaded to her phone and has random apps appear, I have since cleared this but yes it is annoying and would appear that Google Play doesn't have the checks that Apple's App store does. But the other issues is the availability of app's, I have only recently been able to get the Santander app on my Android OS device in the last month, Apple by comparison its been over a year! That does annoy me but then I have gotten used to it, so I am willing to take the plunge another different Phone OS.. Which is why in this day and age of having multiple devices running different OS's that I would like just one common platform, with the new tablet on the way which will be running Windows 8 Pro, a desktop that could run the same, so why not have the phone aswell!
  19. Cheap .co.uk domains.. who do you use?

    Back on topic - Bluebird Hosting - Canadian Web Hosting - Web Hosting Canada - Canadian Domains A friend of mines site, very good hosting packages and if you have a word I can get you a good deal.
  20. Smart Phone of the Moment??

    I have a S3 from a iPhone 4 and 4S, I much prefer the OS of Andriod to iOS, I have installed a custom ROM on mine (Paranoid Android) and I would say has improved the phone no end. But with the world of multiple devices and multiple OS's I am now starting to look at Windows Phone, one OS to Multiple devices, I am liking the Samsung Ativ S phone they have produced.... Damn it!
  21. I have to reboot mine every so often, its like the RAM gets full and you have to clear it down to allow it to work again.. Will be wanting a new version when they are released.
  22. Dunhill Sidecar Revolette Pen

    Price drop to £250ono
  23. Dunhill Sidecar Revolette Pen

    Maybe priced too high... £260 ono
  24. New iPad (3) sealed

    Due to a whim and buying one of these I don't really need it and so I am selling. New iPad 3 in white 16gb still sealed. £400 inc RMSD (just want to get as much back as possible for it!)