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  1. Picked the 335i Touring up today...

    I just found this thread searching google for something else. It's funny, I look back at all the cars I have owned and I do think the E91 335i was probably the best all round car I have owned. I just bought another 330i E91 sport recently as I was missing the more analogue feel of the older cars, it was great, but decided I would keep the F11 for now. But I don't think I appreciated how good that 335i Touring was at the time. Hope everyone is well on here?
  2. Company Car Choice - Sensible Head On

    Is there not a C Class on the list? Personally I feel they do the whole package so much better than the rest currently. There was a some silly cheap deals on the hybrids, 9% tax too. But the C200 petrol is a peach, if not C220d is fine.
  3. Company Car Choice - Sensible Head On

    £100 a month trade up and nearly £300 a month in company car tax? So £400 a month to be in a 4cyl diesel? Can't you opt out? Probably save yourself a fortune.
  4. Aftermarket Nav HU

    I had the Alpine W925r, the colours are really subtle and match the interior so it looks pretty oem, the nav is very good (co pilot I think it uses) and the bluetooth is superb, for both calls and audio. You can set up the radio to remember different users too, so if it sees her phone her settings are loaded, and if it sees your phone your setting are loaded. The DAB is fantastic too, amazing reception compared to oem radios from BMW, Mercedes etc. It is also really well built, has an ambient light sensor so the unit dims with the ambient light in the cabin etc. Plus big chunky buttons to make using it a doddle. I sold it for £300 recently which seems to be the going rate.
  5. BMW deals

    I don't mind the 3GT at all, in the right colour I think it looks nicer than the saloon....
  6. Which A6 did I see yesterday?

    My A6 avant was silver with the Votex kit fitted to it. That transformed the looks of it. Maybe it was that?
  7. Tut...Tut...Tut...

    There will be no real loss for any of the companies, too many people involved. From the people of Wolfsburg, to all the sales employees and mechanics around the globe to the finance houses etc. etc. You then have the issue if they do re class the vehicles to fit into a higher emissions category will the company car drive loose out, will the end user sue, will the Euro IV cars drop down to Euro V or IV and no longer be allowed in certain cities? What about the VAG trucks or buses? I guess they have had this 'fix' as well, what happens if a trucker finds out his rig can no longer be used as it doesn't meet the necessary standards? Or same with a coach company running 100s of coaches at £150k each? I can see this ending with the Governments saying "We now realise the targets we asked manufacturers to meet were not reasonable in the time frame given, we have extended the time and raised the allowed levels to be more realistic." VAG will get their wrists slapped big time for tricking testers and making governments look stupid, but they will have to be very clever about how they handle it. Of course I could be wrong, they may throw the book at them, kill a company and a town with over 120k people living in it and 190k employees, along with hundreds of thousands of jobs world wide, but I doubt it.
  9. Imho what she has said actually makes her as bad as the person who did it, putting into print it is OK to do this sort of thing, and making others feel if they do it there will be support, is crazy. People should bombard her with replies, to let her, and those that agree with her, that they are the minority.
  10. Bombard her.
  11. Unreal!!
  12. Keep or change?

    But 7 seats only on the RRS though I think?
  13. Which 1 Series?

    Yeah I have seen those prices, and great if it is your main car, but still think it doesn't quite cut it as a second/fun car. I may be wrong, but when you look at what else £20k buys you and you see 997, XKRs etc. I think there are better options. But if I was looking for a fun, one car does it all, car to buy then the M135i is right up there.
  14. Which 1 Series?

    Didn't realise you were in SA nick. Well the 125i is still a peach, and much, much nicer than the 20d. I'm not knocking the 20d, we have it in our X3, but I so wish the 28i had been available in the UK, but BMW UK have decided no petrol X3s at all.
  15. Which 1 Series?

    I would take either, I just wouldn't ever own a manual diesel again, too much work. The 125i I have driven in manual guise and thought I could easily live with one of those, and I am a die hard auto fan, have been for years, but it is a sweet gearbox and nice clutch on the 125i and it really did make it a fun car. The gearing was nice, on the twisties you could keep it in 2nd and third all the time, where as the diesel was a constant swap between 2nd, 3rd and 4th, and then in traffic it was light and easy. But do see what sort of deals are being offered on the M135i, when I spoke with them before xmas the dealer was prepared to match the 135i lease deals, and they were working out cheaper than a base 120d.