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  1. hi mate, its a 2002 topaz colour, 67,000 on clock with fbmwsh. Asking price £15,500 but he will accept £15,000
  2. <font color="blue"> </font> Hiya, on Tuesday i will hopefully be trading in my Audi TT for a BMW 330ci convertible. I have seen the car but not checked it out. I was wondering if i can get some advice. Firstly what should i look out for when checking the car, what are the common faults with these cars? Secondly what checks should i do. I will be ringing bmw head office to confirm the service stamps are genuine and of course a hpi check. Anything else i should be doing? Thanks for all your help in advance. Tony
  3. Hi guys, some advice please. My TT some times judders in first and second gear at around 2k - 3k revs. It never does it in any other gear and usually does it when I have just started the engine from cold or when I have just started the engine after having it off for 20 minutes or so. I am not sure what it could be but i have not had it serviced since 40k miles, it is now 55k (i know ). Could it be spark plugs? Has anyone else had any similar problems. Thanks in advance And any help would be appreciated.

    your "other 9" that doesnt sound good. So what happens, does the dash eventually pack up? how much is a replacement? Thanks for the replies so far.
  5. Hi guys, in the last week or so when i have been driving my tt i have noticed the needle sticking at approx. 3k revs. If I take it to 4 grand and then change gear the the needle does not come down smoothly but kind of sticks in between 2k and 3k revs for a couple of seconds. Any ideas as to what the problem could be? Thanks in advance

    Thanks for all you help guys
  7. Hi guys (and girls), I have just bought an audi TT 225bhp coupe and wanted to know how many miles I should be getting out of a full tank, £30 petrol, £20 petrol or any information you can give me. Also what does your mpg display show. Thanks in advance people. Tony
  8. Audi A3 conlog alarm - help needed

    Thanks for posting that mate, their website may be helpful. Thanks again
  9. Audi A3 conlog alarm - help needed

    Not to worry found one. If anyone else needs a battery then here is the link http://ice.dndservices.co.uk/shop_show_item.php/MID/76/IID/678/PAGE/shop_company_index.php
  10. When I bought my Audi it came with 2 conlog keyfobs but they didnt have any batteries in them. I went down to 3 different car alarm specialists but they said they didnt have any and that they are hard to get. Has anyone bought any batteries for these keyfobs as VAG were fitting these alarms as standard a few years ago.
  11. thanks for all your help. its much appreciated
  12. [ QUOTE ] I'm not sure you'll be able to get one cheaper than that, but at least you could get a decent nice sounding high-grade steel one for around the same money. [/ QUOTE ] Thats the thing, if i have to spend £300 on an exhaust then I dont mind spending it on a peformance one but to spend that sort of money on a standard one is a waste of money
  13. Thanks for the advice mate. "and look crap haning lopsided under the bumper line"
  14. Hi guys, need some help. I noticed my exhaust was blowing so took it down the local exhaust garage and they quoted me the folowing: Exhaust centre pipe £64.65+ vat, rear box @ £164.69 + vat and 2 clamps @ 99p each total including vat £271.80 !!!! Basically Iam not going to give £271.80 on a standard exhaust so im wondering what performance exhaust you would get for that sort of money. Anything cheaper would be great as spending £300 on an exhaust a few weeks before xmas is a killer. Thanks for any help in advance

    Thanks you guys.