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  1. Buckled Alloy Compensation?

    I’m resurrecting this for 2018, just so we don’t forget how convincing this kid was. And also because someone mentioned something on Facebook today which reminded me of good old McCrombie
  2. Changing Fiat 500 battery

    It's to do with the learning controls on the box that sits on top of the battery. This constantly monitors the battery condition and talks to the ECU. I'm struggling to find info on Fiats but I know for certain that's some seats and bmw's that have stop start have to have the battery coded into the car.
  3. Changing Fiat 500 battery

    Evening! MrsP's 500 struggled to start yesterday. Didn't start at all this morning. Car is coming up to 4 years old now and only has 17,000 miles, so most definitely battery. I've ordered the correct spec battery, albeit a Varta, and was looking for any advice with regards to it being stop-start. Do I need to jump lead up a second battery to keep terminals live, or can I disconnect and plug new one in? Have spent the last two hours googling and got nowhere! Many thanks. Hope you're all well!
  4. Thanks for the link MrMe. I've forwarded it to Sarah.
  5. Lol thanks for the advice so far guys. I'd never actually thought of fingerprint tech. The only issue with that is sometimes people share the books with friends/family. Losses of cards is no issue as she can just charge people for replacements.
  6. In the region of 3,500 a year, so about £1,500 cost.
  7. She was looking for something that had more of a GUI. Something her relatively IT illiterate staff could use. It's not so much the database that's the requirement. It's more the smart card integration.
  8. Good points raised! The problem with the current system is: Every time someone buys a book it costs 40p. Most people buy several books per year. A smart card would be 'for life' and have a one off setup cost, instead of the repeated costs of having the books printed. The books are also subject to fraud, because they are simply pieces of paper and easily printed at home. The books don't tie up with the customer, so there's no way to see how much money each person is spending. The staff have very very limited IT skills. My idea of the smart card would mean the card is scanned, essentially making data input automatic. I'm taking all your points above though. I've iust been asked to do something. Didn't come up with the idea
  9. Hello fellow TSN'ers. I'm wondering if anybody can point me in the right direction here. Perhaps I'm googling wrong but I'm struggling to find answers from it. A friend of mine owns a tanning salon. It's a very simple business model - people come in, pay £2.50 per 5 minutes, are handed a token to put in a machine which turns the bed on for that amount of time. People also have the option of buying a 'book' of prepayed 5 minute blocks. These books have tear-off pieces of paper, each representing 5 minutes time on the bed and are exchanged for a token the same way cash is. Customer records at present are hand written cards, thousands of them, stored in a filing cabinet. She's asked me to come up with an IT based solution for her. My idea is that, rather than a book with tear off strips, a customer wishing to purchase minutes in advance, is given a smart card. Each time they swipe the card, the person on the front desk selects how many minutes they want, and this is deducted from their 'account' linked to their card. This solution also means that the salon can hold customer records tied to the persons smart card, and I suspect it will be a cheaper solution in terms of regular customers (each of the books she sells cost her 40p to have printed.) So ideally what I am looking for is a very basic database system than can talk to a smart card reader and the smart card be either programmed on the fly to reflect minutes left, or the database does this job. Can anybody suggest an all-in-one package to do this and give an idea of cost? Thanks!
  10. Nope - not restrained. And definitely hadn't been pinned down or the like, or certainly there were no bruises. Why do I think I was trouble? I think it's because having read up on it, it seems really common.
  11. So I had to have an endoscopy last week. I chose to have a sedative cos I'm a big fat girl and didn't like the idea of a massive tube going down my throat (no experience of that - promise!) I remember going to the room and the nurse injecting the sedative. Then I remember nothing of the procedure, apart from a span of about 5 seconds where I was burping a lot, then my next memory is being wheeled out the door and calling thank you to the endoscopy staff. Now I've started to read up about people having sedatives and I'm now freaking out thinking that I was horrible/violent to the staff during the procedure, as this is seemingly very common?? It's not in my nature... I'm a very calm laid back person and in my entire life I've only once hit someone, and I was 12 at the time. So how common is it? Am I likely to have been rowdy? Or is it just like alcohol, ergo, it you're an aggressive person anyway it just exaggerates that?
  12. My Audi to BMW to Skoda to Audi journey

    I'll get them to check that then. MrsP's is a June 2012. I'm gonna service it next weekend as I'm not 100% sure the previous owners ever changed the oil. :/
  13. My Audi to BMW to Skoda to Audi journey

    I didn't know there was a recall on the thermostat? What year does that cover? There is a recall at the mo that I just got. It's for a poorly insulated wire which could cause the lights and dashlights to fail.
  14. My Audi to BMW to Skoda to Audi journey

    Absolutely. I appreciate it's a Fiat, so a poor metric, but at 12,000 miles the 500 has already had a broken door handle, several pieces of interior trim broke, a dodgy earth wire from the battery, and the boot lock is on its way out. All this 2 months after warranty ran out :/
  15. After I got shot of the Passat I decided to upgrade to something bigger (don't ask my why. I had a 5 year old step son at the time, so absolutely no need for such a big car.) I got chatting to a guy on VWAudi forum who had bought a really high spec'd A6 from brand new. He was an aircraft engineer and did everything himself. And he treated the car like it was an aeroplane, fixing everything pre-emptively. He even found out what parts Audi had changed on later models, and bought and fitted them. The car was beyond immaculate. He'd only every driven it on his own, so the interior was immaculate. I took what turned out to be a 7 hour train journey to Southampton and bought the car having only spent about two minutes looking at it. Fast forward 3 years and by this point we had two children of our own, both under 3, both requiring full size car seats. The step son who was now a teenager, was packed in the middle of said car seats and we realised the A6 was simply not big enough. Somewhat reluctantly I ended up trading it in and getting an X5. It was a 4.4 V8 and my word was it quick. Awesome car that did us well until we decided we now needed a bigger house. Unfortunately, despite looking for months, we couldn't find anything suitable in the immediate area, so had to settle on a place 5 miles away. This became somewhat of an issue in terms of running costs of the X5 because MrsP went from walking to school and nursery every day, to having to drive. Because of finishing times this meant the X5 was doing 6 trips a day to schools, and at an average of 14mpg, the fuel cost became eye watering. So we decided it was time to go. Throughout this I'd kept a hold of the Skoda Fabia as a runabout. Handy for bombing to work and back, and proved to be a solid and super reliable car. However, as much as I loved that little Fabia, I really did miss having a big car, so I went about trying to track my old A6 down. I was devastated to find out that, a month after trading it in, it was involved in a hit and run (into a house!) and written off. Because it had gotten to nearly 200,000 miles, it was obviously considered uneconomical to repair, and seems to have vanished off the tax and MOT database, so I guessed it was scrapped. I really love the shape of the C5 A6's and made it my aim to find one that had been as well looked after as the one I bought before the X5. That task proved impossible. Every one I found hadn't been looked after properly. It's like they'd got to a certain age and servicing and maintaining became less important. One of the reasons id been so impressed with the A6 is that my dad-in-law bought a 2.8 Quattro when it was 2 years old in 2002, and still owned it, having not had to do really that much work to it. Incidentally, the only thing I did to mine in some 45,000 miles was to have to turbo cleaned because of a sticking VNT mechanism. Not a single thing ever went wrong with it. Sat in a pub with said dad-in-law, I was recalling how much I missed the A6 and how I couldn't find a decent one like his. "Well why don't you have mine" he said. Turns out he was looking at getting something smaller after owning the A6 for 14 years. So this Sunday I pick up a 2.8 Quattro with a measly 171,000 miles on the clock, and the total cost of the car... Absolutely nothing! So here I am back in the Audi club. The Skoda is staying parked up on the drive (can't bear to let it go,) and has been replaced with a 2012 Fiat 500 for the school run. Horrible, slow car, but the wife likes it, and I managed to pick one up with only 11,000 miles on the clock for half of what it cost new!